Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pool Games

Even though I’m still unable to go swimming, I made a point to get down to the pool the other day when Tony and all the kids were down there, just to get pictures.

Harper was in the kiddie pool when I got down there. He’s really not much of a pool lover, so I was happy to see he was actually in the water and not just walking around the pool!


For some reason he kept wanting to get water in his mouth and then spit in back in the pool. It was pretty gross.



The big kids were in the big pool playing monkey in the middle.





And, when Tony got the chance, he jumped in to play too!


Evenings at the Park

Some of our evenings here have been pretty nice. It’s hot, hot, hot during the day, but come 7pm it’s not too bad, so we’ve been heading down to the park so Harper can let off some steam before his bath and bedtime.

We can usually get Landon to come down to the park with us, but this trip was extra special because Meme and Jaron were also here to join us.

Dada and Kota


Harper’s favorite way of coming down the slide.


Landon being a daredevil.


Jaron and Kota


Meme and Kota


Landon and Jaron racing.



Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Harper was having a hard time throwing the little 4th of July poppers on the ground hard enough that they would explode, so Meme found him a little hammer that he could use instead.




He just loved putting them on the ground and hearing them pop after smacking them with his hammer!

Meme Meets Kota



I think I inherited my “I love babies” gene from my mom. She loves nothing more than to hold a newborn…even one that cries and cries at times.

She’s such a terrific mother and grandma, we’re super lucky she’s staying here with us for a few weeks while we get our bearings after introducing baby #4 to our family!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Girls




Papa, Dakota and the Grand-boys

My dad had to come up here for work on July 11th, so it was perfect timing for them to come up to meet Dakota. My mom had planned to come and stay with us for awhile anyways, but my dad only had about an hour once they got here before he had to hit the road again so that he’d be on time for a meeting.

Of course, since he only had about an hour to spare, Dakota was asleep when they got here, but fortunately, right before he was about to leave she woke up and we snagged a couple pictures.



I handed her to him as soon as she woke up and as you can see from the pictures above, she wasn’t too happy about it!



After having a little to eat she felt better and didn’t scream while he held her.



Harper wanted in on the action, so Papa grabbed him for pictures too.



And, since we were on a roll, we got one of all the grand boys with Papa. (Zoe was at Six Flags and Dakota wasn’t having it.)

My Four





Getting them to all look at the camera (okay, maybe not Dakota) and smile is going to take some practice!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dakota, Photos





Little Daddy

Harper heard Dakota waking up from her nap in her swing and I guess he thought she needed her blanky, so he tried to help her out.




He was doing pretty good until he covered up her entire face, then I had to help out a little. He was happy to let me help, and after giving her swing a gentle push, he was back to playing. 


I think he’s going to be a great little helper!


Its sad that I’m just now getting around to blogging about Landon turning 11, and as much as I hate to make excuses, I’ve just been incredibly busy.


Since he had his party back in June we just had a very small family celebration for him. During the day, his Mema took him to Dave and Busters and he had a blast playing all the different arcade games. He won tons of tickets and came home with a giant banana.

Yes, you read that right, giant banana. A banana that he very sweetly gave his little brother to play with.


Landon has never been a fan of cake, so I made a big batch of his favorite brownies instead. We also had some vanilla ice cream, cool whip and chocolate syrup. Yum!



After his birthday brownies, we let him open his gift.


He told me that night that he had a great birthday and that he loved his gift. (A new iPod)

It’s still hard for me to believe that my baby boy is 11, but, well, he is. My baby who turned into a little boy, is now a pre-teen. Pre-teen…

Landon, I love you more every day and I hope all your wishes come true this year and forever.

Visiting Chuck

It’s been so hot here this summer that we aren’t able to get outside to play much. The week Dakota was born was incredibly hot, so it was up to Tony to get the two boys out of the house some so they wouldn’t be so stir crazy.

I mentioned to him that maybe Chuck E. Cheese’s would be a fun outing for both boys, so off they went.

Harper enjoyed the little rides while Landon preferred the arcade games. Tony said Harper liked watching the characters sing for awhile too, and even gave Chuck E. a high five when he came out!




Breakfast in Bed

Sunday morning I woke up to breakfast in bed. Dakota asked me if I wanted her to bring me breakfast in bed the next morning and I said sure!...