Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bake While They Play

This weekend I got to go to Cropmania, a local scrapbook event. I've been several times and it is always a blast. It started on Friday at noon and ended this afternoon at three. I'm absolutely exhausted and have some pages to share, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow when I have time to take pictures of the pages I finished. I didn't get a ton of pages done (only 7) but I'm happy with the one's I did complete. 

The above picture was taken this past Friday. Dakota wanted Sydney to come over to play in the morning after we dropped Harper off at the bus stop and these little girls had such a great time. They sat at the table drawing and putting stickers on paper for nearly 2 hours. I loved listening to them chat away while they worked. While they were busy I decided to bake cookies. 

I had two empty cookie jars so I baked a batch of chocolate chip and a batch of peanut butter kiss cookies. I was able to get them all done while they played and as soon as I was finished we cleaned up, took Sydney home and then headed to speech. Dakota wasn't cooperative (not unusual for her) during the first 10 minutes of her speech session, but ended up doing really well. We've been working on the "p", "g" and "ck" sounds and her teacher and I are fairly certain we heard the "g" a few times this week. I'm really excited to see some progress and I've been practicing with Dakota a little every day. 

It's going to be a really cold Monday here tomorrow...hope it's a good one! 

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