Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Crop Mania

This past weekend I got to go to CropMania, a scrap booking retreat that I've been going to for several years now. It's always a fun time and this year was no different. When I got home Landon asked me what they had there that I didn't have at home and my immediate thought was "distractions" but that isn't necessarily true. There are many distractions at the crop like vendors, massage therapists, other scrappers etc. After thinking about that question though I've come up with a few reasons I like to go:
  1. The freedom to create without interruption. There are distractions but they are fewer and generally don't have anything to do with me.No getting up to change the laundry. No snacks to dole out. No stopping for any reason unless I want/need to. 
  2. I appreciate being in a room full of creative people. Like minds with a fondness of paper crafting and family memory preservation. (It sounds really corny, especially now writing about it, but it is nice to see so many people enjoying something I love. 
  3. I also like seeing what other people are doing and getting ideas for future pages. There was some serious artistry at that crop this weekend! 
All said and done, it was a great weekend that went by way quicker than it needed to. I got to the crop around 4pm on Friday. I got my area set up and scrapped a little, had dinner (included in the cost of the retreat) scrapped a little more and then went home. Saturday I was back by 8 am. I worked until lunch time (lunch was also included in the initial cost) and then for a few more hours afterwards. Tony had bought tickets to see Mamma Mia that evening so I packed up and headed home around 5 pm so that we could eat dinner and make it to the show by 8 pm. I got back to the hotel a little after 8 on Sunday morning, watched people eat breakfast (included in price) and then cropped the day away. I ran out of pictures that night so I ended up going home around 9 pm to print more stuff for the following day. Monday was the last day and I was there from about 8 till 1 pm. I was ready to get home so I packed my stuff and headed home. The crop was over at 3 pm anyways so it was time to get out of there before the rush of people heading out. 

I didn't get a ton of pages finished, but I'm really happy with what I did get accomplished. My cricut got a serious work out for sure! 

The first page is from our spring break trip last year. 

I've had this picture of Harper printed for awhile but just got around to scrapping it this weekend. I LOVE this picture of Harper, he's just got the cutest smile!

My big 4-0. I don't really like this page but I'm not about to redo it, too many other things to scrap. Behind the photo's is some hidden journaling all about my 40th birthday.

I wanted to get started on the two youngest kids' birthday books and it was at the top of my list for the weekend. I started with their most recent birthdays and got several done. The birthday pages are 8 1/2 x 11 instead of the standard 12x12 I usually make. 

Dakota's 2nd Birthday:

Dakota's 3rd Birthday;Tea Party:

Dakota's Fairy Fourth Birthday:

Harper's 5th; Lego/Pool Party:

Harper's Robot 6th Birthday:

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