Monday, June 9, 2008

8 wonderful years

Today was a super busy day. When I first woke up this morning, Tony had left me a flower on his pillow, and a little note saying Happy Anniversary. I saw the flower was from our garden outside and after thinking how nice it was, I thought how it was probably full of bugs! So I put it on my nightstand and went back to sleep. LOL! First day of the kids break so I can do that! Woo hoo!IMG_0298

The kids and I had tons of errands to run today, and then Landon had to get a haircut. As we got home from all our running around, Tony showed up from work (3 hours early) with flowers (store bought this time!) and a card. I had nothing to give in return because we were supposed to go out on Saturday to celebrate. So, I felt pretty guilty about that, and I really should have guessed he would do that, since it has happened that way before!

I had Zoe take the above picture of the two of us because I am trying to get a few more pic's  of JUST us together.

IMG_0281Zoe got her cast off today, and her arm looks perfect again. She said it is a little sore, but that is to be expected after being in a cast and not moving it for 3 weeks. Now we can go to the pool, and we will probably go to Six Flags one day this week so we can hit the water park! Hooray!

This evening Landon's baseball team celebrated with an end of the season pizza party. Landon had so much fun playing with the kids and this year's coach was great! He just really knew how to talk to the kids and he was very good at keeping them interested and happy. They gave out the trophies and each child also got a ball signed by each of the (6) coaches. This team was truly a group effort, and it was great fun. IMG_0317 I don't want to post a photo of Landon getting the trophy as his coach is in every shot and I don't have his permission to post his photo online...but here is his trophy and ball!


TanishaRenee said...

enjoy the kiddos this summer!

wishing you many more happy anniversaries!

ValAnn said...

Congrats on 8 years!

Ellie said...

Happy Anniversary!

susan and sometimes aaron said...

a couple of days late but CONGRATS!!

Helena said...

Congrads on the 8 years, lol over the bugs and what a sweetie!!!!

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