Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Short Stories

The first one is several weeks old but I don’t believe I ever wrote it here, and the other one is from today.

  1. My mom has agreed to refinish Zoe’s old bed so that Dakota can use it. It’s in great shape and why buy a new one when we have this awesome old one we can make look new? Anyways, before they left the last time they were here, we all went down to the basement to grab the pieces to load up in their truck.Harper and I were the last ones downstairs once all the pieces were brought up and we headed up and turned off the lights. When we got upstairs I asked everyone where Dakota was and my dad said he’d carried her down with him the last time he went down. I told them that I’d checked to make sure no one was down there before I came up and when I called her name she hadn’t answered. I immediately got a huge lump in my throat worrying about where she could possibly be, so I ran back downstairs and called her name again. When she heard me she came running from behind the curtain hanging in front of the patio door and very enthusiastically said “Hide! Hide, momma!” That baby is a crazy little thing! 
  2. I pulled out some stamps for the kids to play with while dinner was being made. Harper used to love to sit and stamp and Dakota’s never really had the opportunity so I figured it’d be a good way to keep them busy for 5 seconds.These self inking stamps were from when Zoe was little, I think I ordered them for her when she was maybe 4 or 5 years old, so they’ve been around awhile. On the top of each stamp is a little ceramic figure of what the stamp is. Harper noticed that the head of one of the toppers was broken off and was a little worried that it wasn’t going to work at all. I told him it should be fine and he was completely amazed when he stamped the paper and saw that even the head came out perfectly fine! He thought that since the ceramic piece was broken that the head part wouldn’t come out on the stamp either! I just love the way these young brains work!

Sports Camp: Lacrosse


So today’s sport was lacrosse. This is one sport that I know very little about, but I do know that it sure looks tough to play. The coach seemed very optimistic about it though, so I figured it couldn’t be all that bad. The class started out with the coach showing the kids how to hold the stick. He told them where to put their hands and showed them that they were supposed to keep it in an upright position close to their face, but no matter how many times it was demonstrated or they were reminded, that stick inevitable fell to their sides. I guess it was probably just awkward for them to hold it up the way it’s supposed to. Next they were each given a ball and told to walk around with it without dropping it. Then came running the court with it without dropping it.

Once they were able to maneuver around the court without dropping it too much, they played a round of red light, green light, which they really enjoyed.

They were then taught how to hold the stick and throw the ball out of the basket. Harper really liked doing that part as did the rest of the kids.

The last part of the class was the toughest and it was about picking up the ball without using their hands, a lacrosse rule. They were shown how to use the side of their foot as a stopper to scoop the ball or how to pop the ball up with their stick to scoop it up. It was really tough for all of them and I’m not sure any of them were able to do it. Harper tried a few times and then came to me for help. I showed him how to do it and assisted him the best I could, but ultimately he couldn’t do it and became frustrated. He was pretty much done with the whole thing at that point and wouldn’t join the rest of the group to try taking shots on goal, but it was only about the last five minutes of class and he wasn’t crying, just refused to try anymore, so I let it go.

I guess it’s safe to say that lacrosse wasn’t his favorite but he did his best and I can’t really ask for more than that. Two weeks left…

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Morning 2014

Hard to believe it’s already Easter, and even more so that it’s over. We woke up bright and early with the little’s just like every morning, but Harper knew that the bunny was coming by last night so he was anxious to get downstairs and see what was in his basket. On the way down the steps he said “I can’t wait to see if the bunny got me Pop the Pig!” and the minute he spotted it, he squealed with happiness! (That is one of the best part of parenting my friends. Making your kids so happy they actually squeal!)


There were lots of bubbles and bubble blowers, water guns, one book for each kid, a few eggs with candy, and they each got a new bathing suit, a tradition that started with Zoe eons ago. Harper and Dakota both got a new pair of sunglasses and Dakota got a new bath time baby doll. Landon got some iTunes and the second Thor movie. We also got the little’s one movie each, Frozen and The Jungle Book.




We played a few rounds of Pop the Pig and even gave Dakota’s new baby a good wash, but then it was time to go outside and blow some bubbles!




Harper attempting to eat the bubbles. Smile


Landon got up sometime around 830 or so and he came down and asked if he had a basket to look for. We told him of course he did, but first he needed to take his allergy meds and feed the dog. (We hid the basket in the closet with the dog food.) Of course he easily found his basket and was happy to see his gifts.


I got Zoe a bathing suit and some candy too, but didn’t take pictures because I gave it to her much later in the day. I just wanted to get her a little something so she’d know she wasn’t forgotten…

Spring Gardening and Egg Hunt at Mema’s House

After our egg hunt at Rolly Pollies yesterday we went to Lowes to pick up a few new plants for the yard, then home to get to work putting them in the ground. I chose a knock-out rose bush, a couple daffodils and a bright pink/red peony and Tony picked up three hosta’s. I also picked up two climbing plants for the lattice I put out front, but I can’t remember what they’re called at the moment! (I’ve done sweet potato vine there for several years but thought I’d try something new this year, and they’re perennials so hopefully they’ll do well there and come back year after year.)

Knock-Out Rose




Peony’s (these are the one’s from last year, they’ve really grown since just last week!)


First tulip to open up!


Tony decided to start digging out and leveling the back yard for our future path and patio. It’s exciting to see it start to come together a little even though I know it’s going to be a long process. Landon went out to help with the yard work for awhile and he said he was exhausted when he came in!



Yesterday afternoon we had dinner at Mema’s house. We got there around 4pm and the kids immediately went into the backyard for an Easter egg hunt.


A few of the eggs were tough to find, but we did end up finding them all and they each earned some change in the process!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rolly Pollies Egg Hunt

We started our morning with an Easter egg hunt at Rolly Pollies. It started at nine and since it was so early I gave Landon the choice as to whether he wanted to go or stay home to sleep. He chose to go with us and it was nice that he was there even though the hunt was for three and under. He’s pretty helpful to have around and (most of the time) the two little’s like having their big brothers attention.


As soon as they opened the gate it was a mad rush to grab eggs. There wasn’t anything inside the eggs but you’d never have guessed it by the mayhem that ensued!



Once the eggs were found there was a little time to play. It was like my kids had never been there before! They were just thrilled to run around and be crazy!


I asked Dakota if she wanted to go see the bunny and surprisingly she said yes. So, we walked over and I asked her if I could get a picture with her and the bunny and she surprised me again and did it! Unfortunately, my camera was on video and I didn’t know it so the ‘pictures” I got are actually crappy videos. Booo! But, the bright side is that when Harper came over to get in the photo, I realized my mistake and got an okay shot with the both of them.


Dakota wouldn’t look at the camera no matter what, and although she looks miserable, she wasn’t. She never cried or anything but she wasn’t about to smile either! Harper was silly as usual and gave me that funny little look when I took the picture. I just never know what I’m going to get with these kids, but I’ll take it! Smile

Dying Our Eggs

Yesterday afternoon we broke out the egg dyes and got to work coloring our Easter eggs. To say the least, it was messy. I don’t know who made the most messes, Mema or the kids, but there were messes and there were lots of them. Good thing I had lots of paper towels on hand…


Harper thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. He loved choosing his egg and gently lowering it into the dye then slowly mixing it around to watch it change color. He loved to show us each and every beautiful egg he created and was happy for the longest time. He got a little crazy at the end and had three eggs in one container, but you know, you gotta experiment to see what works!


Dakota enjoyed dying her eggs as well. Her method was more of a grab the closest egg, plunk it into the nearest dye cup, stir with the force of a tornado then attempt to dump the entire cup out onto the table to inspect. Her method was a bit messier, as you can imagine, but she got results! She wasn’t feeling very good either, which is why her cheeks are so pink. She ran a fever later on but woke up feeling good this morning, thank goodness.


Landon was happy to help with the eggs as well. He got to do several and enjoyed dipping them this way and that to get pretty multicolor eggs. I’m so happy that he still enjoys doing these kinds of things with us! Zoe always did too and I was disappointed that she missed it this year.