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Zoe and Brandon's Wedding Shower (Decorations)

On Sunday we held Zoe and Brandon's wedding shower at the house. My mom and I had been getting things ready for it for days and I was so ready to just get it over with! I was so stressed out trying to make sure we had enough food, cute decor, and a clean enough house that it was just driving me insane! The celebration ended up running as smooth as butter but I have to admit that it wouldn't have without all the help I had.

My mom coming up several days beforehand was truly what I needed and without her it wouldn't have been quite the party it turned out to be. It was just way too much for a single person to do. She helped keep me on task and ended up doing most of the cleaning the morning of the party because I was freaking out so much I could hardly function! (Thank you so much, Mom!)

My mother-in-law pitched in by making the (two) beef brisket (she makes THE BEST brisket) and bringing them over sliced and ready to serve. The briskets were around 8 lbs. each so they were …

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