Wednesday, April 8, 2015

I’m Alive, Just Not Blogging About It

I’m just stopping by here to let you know that I’m alive and well. Life is busy and, as usual, the blog is taking the hit. I just don’t have the energy/time/patience to worry about blogging, so I’m choosing to let it go for now. Hopefully I’ll get my groove back soon because I sure have a ton to write about.

Fingers crossed I’ll be back before the month is over.

Happy Spring!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Swim Lesson #4

Last weeks swim lessons were, as usual, awesome. The sessions are only 6 weeks long but they only got 4 classes out of it because of the darn snow. They’re both signed up for another session though and I’m looking forward to watching their progress. (We’ll be missing next week though because of spring break plans.)

For some reason Dakota got it in her mind that she didn’t want to go in the pool and when I brought her in she was crying. Luckily the teacher immediately picked her up and reassured her. It was so nice to see her teacher giving her the love and support she needed in that moment and Dakota was having a good time in a matter of minutes.

They did pretty much the same routine as the week before with going under, playing games, kicking their feet, jumping in from the side and floating on their backs.



At the end of class they were both given report cards. Harper’s indicated that he was mostly a level two while Dakota was still a level one. She isn’t as confident in the water as he is (probably just an age thing) and he’s quickly catching on to each concept while she’s still working on being okay with getting her face wet and going under water.

They’ll be taking the same 1/2 hour lesson together for at least another session, but I guess if Harper makes leaps and bounds while Dakota struggles I may have to split them up. I think a lot of Dakota’s willingness and strength comes from the support of her brother though, so splitting them up might not work either. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Five on Friday


  • One day this week Landon came home and told me that he and a girl he knew had been looking at my Instagram account. He said I had more posts than some popular guy that he knew of and he was quite embarrassed about it! He said it was just a little ridiculous that I had more than 2000 posts! Too bad his embarrassment isn’t going to hold me back! Haha! And, the picture above was taken while we were having this conversation…and posted to Instagram.
  • As you all know, Harper loves his Legos. I was happy to find this little Easter egg Lego challenge online for him to do. Buying kits gets expensive so this was a nice way to use some of the thousands of bricks we have lying around.


  • This is what story/bed time with Dakota looks like these days.


  • A couple of days ago, when it was nice out, we all went outside on the driveway to play red light, green light. Harper just loves that game right now. He loves to “trick” us by saying red light and then yelling it again just to see if he can get us to move. He laughs like a mad man and tells us we have to start over. It’s pretty funny!


  • Apparently Mother Nature didn’t get the memo that today was the first day of spring…please, please, please let this be the last snow of the season!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dakota’s Room

I just got Dakota’s bedding in the mail and I was going to wait to blog about it all when I got the border, but I can’t wait. I’m so happy with how it all turned out I’ve just gotta get it on the ol’ blog!

So, the bed was Zoe’s originally and it was just a plain brown (like Landon’s dresser) and begging to be painted. I told my mom to go ahead and do whatever she wanted with it. She went with white because Dakota’s dresser is white and white goes well with everything anyhow. I love that she gave the side rails the splash of pink and as Dakota gets older we can remove them if we want. Right now Dakota tells me her favorite colors are pink and purple but who knows what she’ll say in a few years. I found the quilt on JCPenny’s site and I was lucky to find it was half price too! She tends to be warm natured so this thin quilt and sheet is likely all she’ll ever need. The art behind the bed is old, stuff I made before she was born and I’m not ready to let go of it yet.


This side of the room is where her changing table was before. The table is now in my closet waiting for a new job. I moved her dresser here to make room for the bookcase and it seemed to fit there just perfectly. Mom painted the drawers and door front to match the bed rails and it just makes the whole thing look brand new. All the stuff on the walls was already there minus the flower w/ butterflies. That’s something my mom brought up as a little bedroom gift. Smile 


The wall the bookcase is on is pretty bare right now. I have a couple ideas to spruce it up but right now I’m waiting on the border to get here. I do love how the bookcase turned out though! (Looks like we will need to be getting rid of some books soon! Many of them are from when I was a kid and many are from Zoe’s and Landon’s younger days as well.)


And there you have it. I’ll be sure to update once the border gets on the walls!

Landon’s Dresser

Since we moved the big bookcase out of Landon’s room and moved his bed & dresser, I was inspired to redo his room a bit. It’s time to get rid of the little kid stuff and make his room a little more teen friendly. We emptied his wall shelves of all the old Lego creations and toys and made room for a few books and yearbooks. For now we left his old trophies, but he said he wants to take them down as well. I’d like to find something to replace the things we took down and I’m sure we will, in time.


His old bed and dresser were a standard brown but since the beds been gone and now the bookcase, the only thing left that color was the dresser. I thought about painting it, but then thought maybe staining it would be a cooler idea.

I bought all the stuff to do it and knew that if I didn’t do it right away, I’d get lazy and forget about it. So, a few days ago, on a chilly, windy day, I set about sanding and staining.


I chose an ebony stain because the shelves in Landon’s room are black and I thought a black dresser would go well with that. Once I got started I realized that the ebony wasn’t going to be a true black, but more of a deep dark brown. As you can see, the grooves in the wood turned more of a black while the wood stayed dark brown.


I wasn’t about to stop and run to Lowes to buy new stain, so I soldiered on and finished it despite the color being off.


The stain I bought was supposed to be dry in an hour, but it took many hours for it to completely dry. I had to leave it over night because even when I touched it several hours later I got a bit on my hand. The next afternoon though, I moved it back up into Landon’s room and I have to admit I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.



I’ve officially refinished my first piece of furniture, all on my own. Granted, it was a super easy thing to do and NOTHING like the stuff my mom does! I told her that and she said it was just the beginning…haha! We’ll see.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Caning 101

The day before my parents drove up a strange package was delivered. I’d ordered a few things the day before but this package didn’t resemble anything I’d ordered, yet my name was on it. So, I opened it. I had no idea what I was looking at and immediately texted my mom to ask her if she’d sent the package.


She said she had sent it and it was caning to go in the back of the chairs that we rescued from the side of the road back in December. (I’d pretty much forgotten all about those chairs!) Of course my mom didn’t forget about them and she’d given them a pretty antique look paint job and recovered the seats with a heavy duty navy and brown speck fabric. And, because she got such a great deal on the fabric, she bought enough to also recover all my other dining chairs to match! She’s awesome like that.

The day after they arrived we tackled the back of the chairs, and they were tough!


After soaking the caning for a good bit you have to push it down into the groove of your chair, which was pretty challenging. We were afraid of tearing it or not getting it tight enough. Then, once that part is done, you fill the groove with wood glue; easy peasy. The worst part is saved for last when you have to use every ounce of your being to push the spline into the wood glue/caning filled groove.



That was a BEAST! I wasn’t sure my mom would ever be able to use her thumbs again after pushing that crap into those chairs. Somehow, and I really don’t know how, she was able to finish both chairs without breaking her thumbs off. The results are amazing, and you’d just never even know we’d picked these up off the side of the road! 


They’re gorgeous now, right? They’re super comfortable and we ALWAYS need at least two extra chairs at our table. Six seats is rarely enough!

*By the way, this is what the chair looked like when we found it. It doesn’t show how bad it was, all the gunk in the grooves, and the wear and tear, but now you have an idea. It’s amazing the difference a little TLC (and a DIY mom) can make!