Saturday, September 13, 2014

Night at the County Fair


We hadn’t been to our county fair in awhile so we figured we’d get there this year. We decided to go on Friday night because Renn Fest is going on right now too and traffic over there can be pretty crazy.







We got to the fair around 5pm. We walked around looking at the vendor tables, and through the building where they judge all the crops and stuff, then we made our way back out to find dinner. While we ate, the kids ran up and down this big hill…I think we could have done that all night and gone home happy!



Then we made our way over to the rides.



Yes! He’s tall enough for almost every ride!



Dakota had no reservations about riding any of the rides. She was game for all of it and loved every minute of it! Harper was a little worried, but he toughed it out and loved it too!


Landon loved taking Harper and Dakota on the rides. Dakota was too short for the fun house though so Landon took Harper through…


While the boys were in the fun house, Dakota flew a dragon.



Dakota was right at the 36” mark so the ride operator said an adult had to ride with her. Well, Landon jumped at the chance to ride with the two little’s. I thought it was cute that they all fit in the one seat!


The kids got to play a couple games before we left and they all got a small prize. A whistle, horn and inflatable baseball bat. >eyeroll< Junk.







We had a great time and I’m sure we’ll be back next year.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Five on Friday

  • This is a little video of one of Harper and Dakota’s favorite games. It’s called “Get Off My Lawn”. :)
  • While playing a game, I heard Harper mumble “shit” under his breath. When I asked him what he said, he told me he’d said “oh darn it”. I’m 100% sure he said shit and then just casually assured me he didn’t. He’s trouble.
  • Dakota has just recently decided she wants her door open at bedtime. She does fine with it except it takes her twice as long to go to sleep. She just lies in bed singing and talking away. Sometimes I hear her singing everyone Happy Birthday other times I hear her saying so and so is “toopit” (stupid). Either way it’s pretty cute to listen to her going on and on.
  • As I was leaving to take Harper to preschool this morning, Landon came running up to the van from the bus stop to tell me that he’d forgotten today was picture day. I was not a happy camper since I didn’t have time to give him money or anything before his bus showed up. And, to make matters worse, he was wearing a shirt that said “Go Selfie Yo Self”. In the end, I was able to go to the school and give him a check before he got his photo taken, but I don’t know how I’m going to feel about the picture with that silly shirt on. Teenagers.
  • We went to the county fair tonight and we had a blast! I’ll try to post about that tomorrow sometime…we’ve got quite a busy weekend planned!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hanging Out in the Crib

Harper was up before Dakota this morning and he couldn’t wait to go in and get Dakota once we heard her. I was getting out his clothes for the day and when I got in her room, this is what I found:


We went out to the mall this morning to find them some new sneakers. I ended up getting them both 2 pairs from Skechers, one pair that lights up and one pair that doesn’t. Those lights are important to 2 & 4 year old kids.

We were able to get shoes pretty quickly so I decided to let them play in the play area for a little bit. It was great because there were hardly any other people there! (It’s usually a madhouse!) A dad came in with his little girl, she might have been 10/11 months old but she was walking. Harper and Dakota both gravitated right to her because she was as cute as a button. I had to keep reminding them to be careful around her because they were doing all their “tricks”. I overheard Harper encouraging the baby to climb the stairs to the slide and I also heard him explaining how to climb up the slide. Once, when she did get to the top of the steps to slide, he even held out his hands and told her he’d catch her! It was so sweet!

When the dad was about to leave, he came over to me and said “you have a very kind little boy”. I said “Yeah, he’s a nice guy” and he said he thought it was so nice how he was encouraging his daughter and giving her compliments when she did well. I thanked him but on the inside I was beaming with pride! It’s so nice to hear someone say nice things about my children! It just means I’m doing something right, I think. Winking smile

We got home from the mall just in time for Dakota’s nap, and she zonked out within seconds. Harper played the iPad for awhile while she slept and he found a game on Apps Gone Free (yes he knows to check that for new free games to try) that he thought he might like. I told him that he was really too old for it so he said he wanted to get it for Dakota instead. Since it was free I downloaded it and he “tried it out to see if Dakota would like it”. (I was right, it was too babyish for him.) When it was time for her to get up from her nap he could not wait to show her the game he picked out for her!

He brought the iPad upstairs and climbed right in her crib to show her! I think it’s awesome that they’re both small enough to do stuff like this! I’m hoping this early bonding will mean a life long friendship.


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just Me and Dakota

This morning, while Harper went to school, Dakota and I went to hang out at the park. Our weather couldn’t have been more perfect and I knew she’d love the one on one time, so it was a win win!


I brought along her little stroller and “gigi’s” (babies) and she just loved pushing them all around the park. She put them right at the edge of the playground so they could watch her play.


First up, the rock wall. I can’t believe she can do this all by herself already!


Then she ran across the bouncy bridge a few dozen times.


Next was the slide.


And then came the ladder. Before she started up the ladder she told me “No help me, mama”. My baby just doesn’t need all the help she used to and she made it up there with no trouble at all.


We walked the babies a little bit after this and went to the bigger park to play as well. I didn’t take any pictures there though because she wanted me to chase her, and I obliged.

After all the running, it was time to swing. She held onto her bear the entire time she was swinging and I thought it was just adorable!



We decided to head to Wegman’s for a bit after the park because she wanted something to “eateat”. We did a little shopping and I picked up a few snacks to share, plus a few groceries we needed anyways. I thought she might like a Lunchable, but she didn’t love it too much so she mostly ate the hummus and pretzel thins I got in case she didn’t like the cheese and crackers.



After having our snack and a little playtime with the train set in the café, we headed back to the school to pick up Harper.

I really enjoyed those two and a half hours with my girlfriend. She is such a fun little girl and I’m incredibly lucky to get to spend my days with her.

Story Time at the Library

We couldn’t go far from home yesterday because a lady was coming to measure our windows for our new blinds that will be installed next Tuesday. But, since she wasn’t coming until sometime between 11-2, I decided to take the kids to story time at the library.


I love how Harper sat the entire time with his little hands in his lap. He takes story time very seriously! :)


Dakota sat on my lap most of the time, but she did well considering how many people were there! There must have been 50+ people.

When we got home I decided to take them in the backyard to play. The weather was beautiful, so I didn’t want to waste the day indoors. Harper DID NOT want to go outside though because he wanted to look at the books we’d just picked up. We compromised and brought the book outside with us. While I pushed Dakota on the swing, he sat up in the fort looking at the pages of The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby.


He sat up there a L-O-N-G time and then came down to join us playing in the sand box.


We played there for awhile and then they wanted to jump on the trampoline. All three of us got up there and showed off our “tricks”. They just loved every minute of that and we were out there until lunch time. It was a great day and we had so much fun! I love when that happens!

Outside at Preschool

I got to go to school with Harper on Monday as I as scheduled to work. He is always so happy when I get to go to school with him, and honestly, I love going.



It’s fun to watch him interact with kids his own age and with the teacher as well. He’s such a little sweetheart.


While we were outside on the playground he came running over to his teacher to tell her that there was a spider on the playhouse. She went right over and when she saw that it was a daddy long leg, she pulled it off to show him. He wasn’t about to touch it, but he certainly couldn’t take his eyes off it! He watched her put it on a tree and then he, and the small crowd that gathered, went in search of more. They found several and each time they’d come running to tell us where/how many they’d found.

That’s what I love about preschool; the opportunity to learn at any given moment. I love that his teacher listens when he speaks and uses the nicest most kind voice when she answers him. I love watching the spark in his eyes as he discovers something new and fascinating and I especially love being able to witness it all.