Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday 5

  • I can’t look at this picture without smiling. I just love both of their expressions. We were in the kitchen making banana bread, just talking and mixing and smashing and having a good morning. And they were so happy. Harper was being silly and Dakota was laughing at his silliness. I just so happened to have my camera out and snapped at the right moment. It was all luck, and now it’s one of my most treasured photo’s of these two.


  • My mom’s birthday was this past Tuesday and I had the two kiddo’s make a little video for her. I thought it turned out super cute (love how they keep looking at one another) and thought it’d be fun to share here also. Enjoy! (Please ignore the end when Harper wipes his nose on his pants.) Smile
  • We did a little kitten sitting yesterday and poor Ginger had to hang out in the kitchen for a bit while the kitten adjusted to our house. We made certain she was comfy though, and she didn’t seem unhappy in the least.


  • It was Zoe and Brandon’s little kitten that we watched yesterday and man was it fun! I’d forgotten how fun baby animals were!





  • (I can’t remember if I ever wrote this little story on here or not, so I’m going to now. If it’s a repeat, well, it’s cute enough to read twice.) Harper was pretending to be a little bird the other night. He was flapping his wings and tweeting and just being a cute little bird when I noticed Dakota was crawling around on the floor. When I asked her what she was being she said “a carrot”! These kids sure keep me laughing! ;)

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Pity Party For One

Ok, so I’m super glad I don’t have to drive a 15 seater van for the next three weeks but I just gotta say I’m not super in love with the rental I’ve got either. It’s really not a bad vehicle (Dodge Grand Caravan) but it just doesn’t have all the bells and whistles my own van does.

  • No heated seats. None. The seats aren’t leather, so that’s helpful in this cold weather, but I can’t even toast my buns if I want to. No toasty buns in the passenger or back seats either. It sucks. 
  • No TV's. Not a single one! I can actually live without this, and my kids will too, but life is more fun (and quiet) with cartoons in the car. Guess I’ll have to let them watch a little TV before school instead of on the way to school. We’ll be back to talking and singing again. Hmmph.
  • No remote start. I have to walk all the way into my garage, open the door, put in a key!?!?!, turn it and start the car to warm it up. What. A. Drag.
  • No push button start. Inserting a key into an ignition was a skill I just had to relearn. It’s ridiculous.
  • No built in garage door opener. I had to get out of my van, walk up to the house and enter the code on the keypad to close it after pulling out of the garage today. That won’t happen again though because I stole Tony’s garage door opener. That crap is gonna have to be his problem.
  • No GPS. How in the hell are we supposed to go anywhere new without a GPS system? What am I supposed to do, use my phone’s GPS? Print out a map before I leave? Memorize directions someone gives me? WTF?
  • No leather seats. Cloth seats might be slightly warmer than leather (not heated leather!!) but they are static-y. Now I’m going to have to make sure Dakota’s hair is glued to her head before we go anywhere just so she doesn’t look like a hedgehog when we get out of the car.
  • No electronic seat raising/lowering. I am literally going to have to use my hands to raise or lower a seat in the backend. I hope I can figure it out. <eyeroll>
  • No rear view back up camera. Going from having one to not having one is flat out dangerous and should be illegal! Once you have a back up camera you should ALWAYS have one because looking out the windows is so inconvenient.

So, there you have it. My list of complaints about this thing I’ve gotta deal with for the next three weeks. I suppose I could just be happy I’ve got something to drive at all, but where’s the fun in that?

*In case you can’t tell, this really isn’t a cry baby post, it’s just a post to remind me how thankful I should be every day to drive such a luxurious car. And, while I’m not kidding about not having the above mentioned stuff, I do realize that none of it is necessary, I’m just a spoiled brat.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Our New Ride

Tony ended up staying home today to get this whole car accident mess cleared up. He was on the phone early this morning with our insurance and we ended up finding out that the girl who hit us didn’t have any insurance! What a mess. Once Landon went to school (another 2 hour delay which meant Harper was off again!) Tony and I took the van into the shop to have it looked at. When we got there they told us it wasn’t fit to drive since the lights were broken and a guy from Enterprise picked us up to go get a rental. (The two little’s went to Mema’s to play while we went to do all this.)

The guy from Enterprise told us that he didn’t have much to offer us because of all the snow/ice related accidents over the past few days. He wasn’t kidding! The only two vehicles they could loan us were cargo vans; either a 15 passenger or a 2 passenger. That’s it. Since we have children, we had to take the 15 passenger van just so we’d be able to drive them home! We joked about making deliveries or possibly buying something large since we had the room, but really, I was very hesitant to drive something so massive. It was hard to get the kids in and out of too because there is only one door on the side and only one row of seating was in the van.


The guy at Enterprise told us to come back later that evening and they’d have something for us, and around 5pm Tony went back up there to change out that huge van for something a little more reasonable. We ended up with a mini van, and I think I can handle that. (It’s not MY mini-van, so it’s not cool, but I can drive it, so all is good.) This evening Tony got an email from the repair shop saying that they estimate that we’ll have our van back by March 16. MARCH 16th.

Pray we get it back sooner, will ya?

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Mess of a Weekend

It’s been terribly cold up here for the past several days (weeks?). We’ve mostly been stuck inside, just getting through this cold winter, but this weekend has sure been a doozy.

It all started on Friday when Mema got home from watching Dakota. (I had to work at the preschool and she kept Dakota for me.) When she got home she found that her water pipe had busted and there was water all over her floors. Umpa had been trying to clean it up, but he thinks it happened while he was asleep and he didn’t know until the floor was already pretty flooded. They were able to get someone out there the next morning to fix the pipe, but now they have all kinds of water damage to deal with. Ugh.

Saturday morning, before it began snowing, we all got up and took Ginger to the groomer for her appointment. Tony, the little kids and I ran a few errands and then went home. While we were waiting for the groomer to call it started to snow. The groomer finally called around 11:45am and Tony left to get the dog. As he was waiting to turn left off of our main road, a truck plowed into the back of him. It did quite a bit of damage to the van but fortunately he wasn’t hurt. (No one in the other vehicle was hurt either.) He exchanged info with the lady driving the truck and then went to get the dog. The van is pretty messed up and now we’ll be dealing with the unpleasantness of car insurance and car repairs, but I am ever so grateful that Tony wasn’t injured.




Also, on Saturday, Zoe was scheduled to work a party of some sort. She waited all day for them to cancel but when they didn’t, Brandon offered to drive her to work so that she wouldn’t have to drive in that mess.They got 10 minutes away from the location and her boss told her that it had just been canceled! So, they had to turn around and head home only the roads were so bad by that time that it took them hours to get home. They got stuck when going uphill and luckily for them some lady helped them push their car out. Then they helped get her out as well. Zoe said there were cars stranded all over the road and it was nerve-wracking. I’m so glad they both made it back home safe too!  What a mess!

This winter weather isn’t so bad when you’re snug in your house but what a mess to have to go out in it! I think we’re in the clear for a while now, no snow or icy weather in our forecast. But, the kids do have ANOTHER 2 hour delay tomorrow morning which means no preschool for Harper.



Thursday, February 19, 2015

Swim Lessons, Take Two

The kids had their second swim lesson this morning and I have to say, it went great. We got there with just a few minutes to spare because of traffic, but, we made it on time. Harper was anxious to get started and Dakota was a bit hesitant, but nothing like last week.

I was a little surprised when I looked in the pool to find that our teacher wasn’t there. I was a little worried when I realized that this week’s teacher was a male, but I didn’t say anything and when the lady came to take the kids into the pool area, I just let it go. I know Dakota was worried because she had a little glint of panic in her eye, but she decided to roll with it too, and she ended up doing terrific! Harper, as usual, didn’t blink an eye. He just went in and got straight to it. :)

They did some of the same things as last week like blowing bubbles, kicking their feet and splashing around to Ring Around the Rosy. But, about half way through the lesson the instructor picked them both up and brought them out to the deeper end of the pool. As I watched I could see that he was telling them to hold their breath because he was going to take them under. Both kids were hesitant and it took some coaxing, but they both held their breath and down they went. When they came up I fully expected one of them to be crying, but there wasn’t  a single peep out of either of them. Then, they went under again. And again. And again. No crying. Not even once.

I was in utter disbelief, sitting and watching my babies going under the water over and over again. I mean, I know they’re getting big and all that but that was pretty major. And WAY cool. And a HUGE step from just a week ago when Dakota cried her eyes out for the first 5 minutes of class.

The last game they played before I went in to get them was “save the ducks”. There was a hula hoop floating in the water with a bunch of rubber ducks inside. The kids had to go under water, grab a duck, go back under water and bring the duck to the wall to safety. And, do you know they saved every last one of those ducks! There were probably 20 and that tells you how many times they each went under water to save a duck! At least 10 times each. It was amazing to watch and you can just imagine how proud I was watching those two little cuties. I will never again doubt the strength of those kids. They showed some serious moxxie today and I’ll be sure to keep that in mind when there are other hurdles to pass.

Afterwards, as I was helping them get dressed they were excitedly telling me about their lesson. I asked them what they thought about going underwater and Harper just shrugged and said that’s what the teacher wanted them to do. Dakota said “Me did it, but me not want to.” “Me not like it!” Smile

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Me and My Valentine

Tony and I don’t go overboard with the whole Valentine’s Day thing. We typically go out to dinner, just the two of us, and that’s it. This year, we did give each other a little gift, but nothing major. (Although, Tony wrote me the bestest, sweetest love letter ever, and I’ve threatened to have it framed and hung near the front door for all to see!)

Mema came over to watch the kids around 4pm and we headed out to Baltimore to try a new restaurant. A few weeks ago Tony made reservations at the Rusty Scupper at the Inner Harbor and our only time choices were 5pm or 8pm. We’re early eaters typically because our kids can hardly wait until 430pm most days to eat, so we chose the 5pm slot.

There was a small underground parking area for customers of the restaurant to use, so we went down and found a spot immediately…except when Tony pulled in we realized we weren’t going to be able to open the doors to get out of the car. The spots down there were terribly small and once Tony got us in, we could barely get the van back out. He spent about 5 solid minutes pulling back and forth trying to unstick us. It was ridiculous! After sweating it out for those 5 minutes, we were able to finally get out of the spot and we decided we’d better just go upstairs and park out in the open! We were just to damn thankful we hadn’t hit either of the cars we were wedged between!

The Rusty Scupper turned out to be a great place. We were a few minutes early when we got there, but we were seated immediately. Our waiter brought us water and some bread and dip while we waited. The bread was very good, but the special garlic/almond dip was to die for. It was an easy decision as far as dinner was concerned because the menu was pretty limited for the holiday.

We chose the shrimp cocktail for our appetizer and man was it delicious! The shrimp were gigantic! I then started with the cream of crab soup (I can’t ever NOT get cream of crab soup) and Tony got the Scupper salad.

I knew I wanted to get crab cakes as my main course because it’s something I rarely have but really like. They were some of the best crab cakes I think I’ve ever had. It came with mashed potatoes and green beans which were equally delicious. Tony chose the surf and turf. It came with a filet mignon and either a lobster tail or crab cake and the same sides as mine; he went with the lobster tail. Everything was yummy and I couldn’t even finish mine I was so full. I told Tony I didn’t even want to order dessert, and when the waiter asked, I refused, but Tony decided he wanted something. He ended up ordering the chocolate indulgence cake, and it was certainly chocolaty! It was very rich and tasty, but I only had a couple bites I was so full.


About 10 minutes before we left I saw a waiter guide in a blind man. I thought he was a diner but soon realized he was there to play the piano. I told Tony to enjoy his dessert very slowly so that we could listen to him play a bit before we left. It was really cool and we both recognized at least one of the tunes he played.

When we left the restaurant it was snowing. It was so pretty, but my god was it cold! I thought the snow was kind of romantic and pretty, but I couldn’t wait to get in the car and turn on the heat! Smile 

I had to wait for Tony to get in the van and pull out a little before I could get in because the guy who parked next to us was so close my door wouldn’t open. (Notice a theme here?) I don’t know how they managed to get out of their car and I even checked for dents on my door; thankfully there weren’t any! Anyways, while I was waiting, I did what any old lady would do, I took a selfie. Haha!


We got home just in time for Mema to head home before the snow got too bad and in time to get the little’s into the tub and bed.

It was a fun night and I’m looking forward to the next time Tony and I will be able to escape for a few hours!