Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Stop in Savannah

After driving for the better part of the day, we decided to stop for the night in Savannah, Georgia. We booked a hotel from the car and pulled in around 6pm or so. Modern technology is wonderful for stuff like that!

We checked in and got situated then decided to walk downtown to find something to eat. We were all tired and Harper had a major melt down. I can’t remember now what started all the crying, but I know it escalated into a 45min. meltdown session once he fell and scraped his knee. I swear he cried and cried for what felt like centuries.


We wanted to eat somewhere new and exciting, but when Harper wouldn't stop the theatrics, I decided we’d better just hurry up and find something, which is how we ended up eating at Panera.


While we were eating, Harper did end up calming down and things got WAY better. From the window we could see horse tours going up and down the streets. We thought it would be fun to do that, so Tony got on his phone and booked us a tour for the next morning. (Gotta love that technology!) We also saw some trolley tours as well as ghost car tours. That little city has a ton of history and a ton of ghosts! This kind of trolley tour looked especially fun:

After dinner we thought we’d meander through the city for awhile and see what was going on. Best decision ever!

We found this cute little boutique and Harper was excited to see that it shared his name!


Savannah is made up of many squares. I can’t remember exactly how many, but I think it’s 22. As we were walking around, the two littles were being a bit crazy, so I made up a story about the squares being magical. I told Harper that he couldn’t run through the grass because it was full of magic fairies and he might step on one if he went in there. That was all it took for his little imagination to run wild and it did keep the two of them from running through the gardens. We pretended the statues were where the kind and queen fairies lived and Harper spent a good amount of time looking for little fairies in the grass. I think he looked at everything a little differently for the rest of the night, and he was in a great mood from then on.




When we came to a square where there was live music and a splash fountain, I knew we’d hit the jackpot! As soon as Harper saw the fountains he asked me if he could run through them. Of course I said yes! That is what vacations are all about, right?

We had to drag Harper out of the water, he was just loving it! It was getting pretty late though and we needed to get ready for bed and prepare for another day of driving.

Off We Go!

We are officially on vacation right now, but I can’t wait until we get home to blog all of this or it’ll never get done! Hopefully I’ll be able to blog a little every couple days or so, but we’ll see!

The night before we left, Tony decided to shave off all of his facial hair. Why, you ask? Well, 10 years ago when we went to Disney, he decided to grow some facial hair. So, here all these years later he thought this might be the right time to try going back to a smooth face…


I could hardly believe how different he looked! The transformation was shocking! Dakota wouldn’t even look at him and kept hiding her face! She got used to it pretty quick but I told him to grow it back! I guess I prefer him with the facial hair…something that I wouldn’t have said 10 years ago!

We left home on Thursday, at 7:25am. We were shooting for 7am, so we were a little late, but getting 6 people out of the house that early is no simple task. We (Tony, the two big kids and I) were pretty nervous about the drive down here because Dakota isn’t known for her good car behavior, but it turned out that we were worried for nothing. She was amazing. She was completely content to sit and play the iPad or talk to us or to herself. She took a great nap also, which is something very rare for her to do in the car. She never cried and was just really wonderful. It sure made our trip a lot less painful. Harper is a great car kid, so it goes without saying that he did great as well. He just watched movies with Landon and played the iPad or looked at books. He did ask us a few times how far were we going to go, but other than that, he was as quiet as a mouse.


We took a nice long break to run around and stretch our legs once we got to North Carolina. We meant to pack a picnic lunch and hang out for a bit, but in all the craziness we forgot half of what we needed. Turns out it wasn’t the only thing we forgot…




*No pictures of Landon because he was being quite the grouch. 13 year old hormones and all that.Smile

Friday, July 11, 2014

Five on Friday

  • I pretty much have nothing but Disney on my mind right now. Now that Dakota and Landon’s birthday’s are over I feel like I can concentrate on our trip coming up and boy oh boy am I excited!
  • I freaked out yesterday when Tony cut a couple of blooms from my hydrangea and brought them in the house. Why? Because I’m stressed out. I was mad about it and even when I was saying I was mad about it I didn’t have a clue why I’d be mad about something like that. Between the birthday’s, the new responsibility at Harper’s preschool, planning for Disney and regular life, I just acted stupid. But, when I saw those gorgeous blooms on my window sill this morning, my attitude completely changed. I even texted Tony and apology for my less than stellar attitude the day before. Sometimes I’m just dumb like that.
  • These beauties are coming up in the garden right now too. I don’t remember what they’re called but they are gorgeous!


  • Zoe and Brandon bought Landon a Pokemon game for his birthday. They both play it and it sparked Landon’s interest so now he’s in on it. Unfortunately, the one they got him was defective and we had to drive out to the mall to exchange it this morning. Luckily, it was a piece of cake to exchange and he’s got a game he can play on the way to Disney. Since we were at the mall, I took the two littles on the merry-go-round. Dakota ran right to a horse but when Harper refused the horse and wanted to ride in a little seat thingy, she changed her mind so she could sit with him. Smile She just loves her brother!
  • Tomorrow is Health and Safety day at Harper’s preschool. I feel like his school stuff never really ends. I guess it’s a good thing I like the school so much and that I don’t mind helping out! But, after tomorrow, I’m all Disney.

Landon’s 13th

Landon turned 13 yesterday. Thirteen. Thir. Teen.

I now have two teenagers a preschooler and a toddler. It’s weird.


We started off Landon’s day with a little Happy Birthday “music” and balloons. He wasn’t thrilled, but Zoe, Harper, Dakota and I thought we were pretty awesome!

Once he was finally out of bed, we headed out to lunch at the place of his choice, Chipotle.


The two little kids were a disaster the whole time we were there, but we made the most of it and then headed home.

Dakota took her nap as usual and then we headed to Skyzone. Landon has been wanting to go there since he heard about it and this was the perfect opportunity to try it out.As we ran out of the house I forgot my camera so I had to use my phone’s camera. Phone cameras are pretty good but not for the action shots I wanted to get of the kids on the trampolines…so, I’ve just got videos…

Skyzone was a lot of fun, but it was terribly expensive. I paid for 5 people (I didn’t jump because I thought the price was ridiculous) to jump for 30 minutes and it was $60. That includes the socks they force you to buy and 30 minutes of jumping time. That’s it. Fun, but going to have to be special occasions only.

Thirty minutes wasn’t long enough, but the kids were exhausted. As soon as we got home dinner was started and eaten and then we had our cupcakes (cupcakes in a jar per Landon’s request) and he opened his gifts.




It was a nice day and I was glad we were able to do the things he asked to do. It’s tough having a summer birthday when all your friends are off on vacation and stuff. I’m glad though that we were all able to be here to celebrate with him and show him we love him. He’s a special kid and he’ll always have a special place in my heart. I love you, Lanny. Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Park and a Well Visit

Dakota had her 2 year old check up today. Her appointment wasn’t until 10:40am so Zoe and I took the two little’s to park near the doctors office. It’s a park that Tony and I used to take Zoe to when she was little, and then Landon when he was little, so it’s kind of special for us. We don’t go very often because it’s a good 20 minute drive and there are so many parks nearby.





After playing at the park for awhile, we took a walk around the lake. We only went half way though because a) it’s quite a long walk b) I didn’t bring the stroller c) we were strapped for time d) it was starting to get hot and e) Dakota was barely able to make it that far.




After our walk we headed to the doctors office. As soon as we walked in I asked the ladies if I could take her back by myself to weigh her. (It didn’t go well last time we were there.) They said sure, so I took Harper and Dakota back to the machine and had Harper go first. He loves doing it and pretty much anything Harper loves, Dakota will love. He weighed 37 pounds and she weighed 27.8 pounds, 4 more pounds than last year at her 1 year old appt. She’s also 34 3/4 inches long. My baby is growing like a weed!


She did great for the doctor and before we knew it we were done. As I was getting her dressed, the nurse kind of snuck in and gave her the one and only shot she needed and then she quickly disappeared again. It was over before we knew it and she cried for only a minute and then we were on our way home.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Pool Pics

Today was pool day for us. And, well, we went to the pool…so, there isn’t much to say, but I have pictures to share!