Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Harper's Alligator

Every once in awhile Harper will pull out his How To Draw book and practice drawing. A week or so ago he was looking for a challenge and went to the back of the book. There is a neat dragon on the last page but he thought that was above his ability and settled on the next to last page which featured a giraffe and an alligator.

He tried the giraffe first and just couldn't quite do it to his satisfaction. He tore up page after page in frustration and eventually decided to give the alligator a try instead.

It turned out awesome. He was very proud of his drawing and I thought it was great. I love that he didn't give up altogether when he was struggling with the giraffe.

Yesterday he came up with the picture below and I think it is probably the best thing he's ever drawn. It's a person (obviously) holding an ice cream cone and a kite. Simple and adorable.

Rolly Pollies

Yesterday I was thinking about what I could do with Dakota all day today when I remembered that a new session of Rolly Pollies was about to start. As soon as I thought of it I got on the computer and enrolled her in a Wednesday morning class, which started this morning. (Good thing I thought of it when I did!)

She was excited to go but as soon as we got there she went back to her old ways. She was hiding from the teacher, crying (who she knows because she goes to preschool with the teachers son) and flat out refusing to try anything. I was completely annoyed with her and about 10 minutes in I pulled her aside and told her she'd better straighten up or we wouldn't come back. For whatever reason that was all it took and she participated the rest of the time. Once she got started on the obstacles, she had so much fun!

I didn't get any great pictures but as you can see, she did let her teacher help her with her forward roll. I have to say though that she didn't need any help because she does them really well all by herself!

I'm hoping that she'll do better next Wednesday. She has such a hard time with anything new but its got to get better as she gets older, right?

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sick Day, Take 2

Harper woke up feeling good this morning but I just wasn't too sure about sending him to school since he'd run a fever just the night before. So, he was home with me again today. Dakota had her first day back at preschool and she did great! No crying about school at all! She hopped right out of the van and waved "bye, mama"! It was awesome. 

While Dakota was at school Harper and I had to run an errand that I'd been putting off and then we stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a little breakfast and special mama/son time. He chose a big bottle of juice while I had a hot chocolate and he showed me his awesome skills on his favorite iPad game. It was such a great hour, just sitting and listening to him tell me all the things his 5 year old brain thinks. 

We went back to the school to pick up Dakota (who was DELIGHTED to see us, mostly him) a little early because I had stuff I needed to put away in the class room. We hopped out of the van and as I told her we were just going to go in real quick to put the stuff away her eyes filled with tears and she begged me not to get back in the van without her. Harper rushed to reassure her that we were just going in for a second and that she could come "wis" (I love how he pronounces with) us. I thought it was very sweet, and it made Dakota feel better. She was anxious to show him around the school and she talked non stop about what she'd done that day. They'd had pajama day, eaten pancakes and made a bear in a cave for art. :) 

Once we got home it was time for a quick lunch and then Dakota took a much needed nap. I had all kinds of ideas for Harper and I to fill the time but things changed when he went upstairs to gather up blankets because he was cold. He never tells me his head hurts, he just gets really cold and that's how I know he's running a fever. I decided then that it was time to call the doctor again. 

I made an appointment with the doctor then called Mema and asked if she'd be able to come stay with Dakota while we went to the appointment. Luckily she was nearby and didn't mind coming over. I hated waking Dakota up from her nap just to drag her to another doctors appointment so I was very thankful that Mema was able to help us out. 

The doctor gave Harper a thorough look over but nothing seems amiss. He doesn't have strep, his ears are clear and he has no other symptoms to look after. So, it seems that this is just a stupid viral infection that he's taking his time in fighting. Nothing to be done. I am happy to say though that since that early afternoon temp, he's been 100% fine. He'd been regularly running a fever at bedtime and tonight he was just fine, so it gives me hope. As long as he wakes up feeling good tomorrow I'm going to go ahead and send him to school. I teasingly asked him if he'd remember how to get to his class since he'd been away so long and he said "oh, mom, don't you worry about me, I know my way"! Made me laugh! Such a big boy for just 5. :) 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Back to School, For Some

Today, after nine days off, the kids went back to school. Well, most of the kids did anyways. Harper is still running a fever off and on so he stayed home again today. I was hoping that he'd be better today but no such luck. I guess if he's still sick tomorrow we'll be making a trip out to see the doctor again. I wish I knew what was going on and whether or not he really needed to see a doctor, but it seems like 6 days running a fever on and off is a bit long.

Since Harper woke up feeling good and was playing most of the morning I thought maybe we were in the clear but as soon as I had him and Dakota in the van heading to the store he told me his head was hurting. I jumped out of the van, ran in the house and got him some medicine. I still had to go to the store though so we made a quick trip of it. (One of the things I needed was more medicine for him!)

We spent the rest of the day playing in the house. While he was feeling good he played with his Playmation stuff, and when he wasn't feeling so great we watched t.v. and read books. We also did some drawing and wipe off books. Harper worked on math skills while Dakota worked on the alphabet.

Dakota is really into drawing these days so she was happy to do that for what felt like forever. She just draws and draws and I can see improvement on a near daily basis. This is a girl she drew with long "butibul" (beautiful) hair. I thought the stickers were a nice touch. :) She still doesn't draw arms on anyone but sometimes she asks me to draw them on when she's finished.

Dakota is headed back to preschool tomorrow for the first time in quite awhile so I am expecting hysterics when she has to get out of the car. Every time she adjusts and stops crying we have a long break and she's got to get used to things again. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that she'll hop out of the car happily in the morning and have a wonderful day at school. Her class is having a pajama day tomorrow so hopefully that will be fun!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Bowling, Cupcakes and Chuck E Cheese

We've been busy little bee's these past few days! Yesterday morning the two little kids and I got up and out of the house early to meet our friends for bowling. The kids had a good time but Dakota was a bit ornery (imagine that) as we got close to the end of the second game and I knew it meant she was in need of a nap. So, we had a quick lunch and then she took a good long nap. Harper and I played for awhile during her nap and right after Dakota woke up Harper told me his neck hurt. I was able to determine that by "neck" he meant throat and I immediately called and made him an appointment with his doctor. (After the whole debacle with Dakota I wasn't about to take any chances.)

Harper's appointment was quick and easy and the rapid strep came back negative. The doc said his throat was quite red though and she'd give us a call if anything changed over night. (It didn't.) After his appointment we came home and took it easy for the rest of the evening.

Today, since Harper was fine all through the night and into this morning, I took the kids to Annapolis Mall for a Grand Opening of a new cupcake shop, Cup + Cake Blvd. Lisa and her boys, Colin and Wyatt met us there for free cupcakes and then some playtime in the kid play area.

After running around at the mall we all packed up and headed over to Chuck E. Cheese. The kids were so excited to get to go! It's been quite awhile since the last time we were there.

We got home around 12:30, just in time for me to wake Landon up (!!!) and put Dakota down for a nap. She is SO tired in the afternoons and is just a mess if I don't make her rest.

Here's a little video of my bum of a teenager riding his "hover" board. I know you guys miss seeing this cute kids face. :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rolly Pollies and Hanging out with the Best Sister Ever

Harper and Dakota were both in bed by 7:15 tonight. They were so exhausted from our day that they couldn't handle another minute of it, so off to bed they went.

Our day began early (6am) with them in my bed watching Dora the Explorer  (this show gets my vote for most OBNOXIOUS) while I showered. After breakfast and getting them dressed they went downstairs in the basement to play. (There goes all that cleaning I did yesterday.) I didn't worry about it though and they played with each other down there for a solid hour. It was heavenly.

At 10:30 we piled in the van and headed to Rolly Pollies. They were very excited to go since it's been quite a long time since the last time we went. They were SO ready to play!



After Rolly Pollies we met Zoe and Mema at Newks for lunch and man was that place packed! I guess cabin fever was probably setting in for most people because every where we went seemed extra busy. Lunch was nice and then we headed home for a bit. Zoe came over for a little while so taht she could draw with Dakota and beat up bad guys with Harper. AFter about an hour we all decided it'd be fun to go to her house to play with Nero and Zephy. (Landon refused all offers to hang out today. He chose to sleep late and then had a friend over to play Black Op's while we were gone. Teenager's are sucky like that sometimes.)

Nero is still sporting the cone of shame while an infected scratch on his head heals. He doesn't care for the cone or for having his picture taken, but I forced him into just this one. Gotta have pics of the grand kitties after all.

Both kids really enjoyed playing with the cats and it was fun to hang out with Zoe a little too. When we left Harper said "I wish Zoe lived with us. Why did she move to her own house?" We talked about how that's what kids do when they get older and he said "Well, I wish she still lived with us." (So sweet!) Dakota chimed in and said "I love Zoe. Her's my fabrit (favorite) sister". When I replied that Zoe was the best sister ever, they both nodded and agreed.