Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Cabin Camping with the Boy Scouts

Tony and Harper were up and out of the house very early Saturday morning. The camp was about an hour drive and they wanted to make the most of their day so they left right around 7 am. Tony texted me when they got there and it was just after 8, and the other kids were having breakfast.

Again, I wasn't there so I mostly just have photo's to share. I'll do my best to relay what Tony told me about the trip, but in an effort to minimize saying the wrong thing, it'll mostly be pictures.

This is the sleeping arrangements that they had. Harper was super excited to sleep on the top bunk!

There were a few outdoor games for the kids to play, all were named after things from the book The Lorax. There was a Whisper-Ma-Phone where the kids could talk to one another through a long tube.

The Truffula Toss, a ring toss game.

And a wooden tic-tac-toe board:

Saturday afternoon the boys got to learn about some large birds, like hawks and owls. 

Lunch was school cafeteria style. Not great, but not horrible. There was always fresh fruit available and Harper took advantage of that by eating FIVE apples. 

They got to explore the science center that was available. Harper enjoyed using the microscope.

And, even though it was quite cold and ended up snowing a bit that night, there was lots of playing outside at the playground as well as hiking.

When they'd had enough hiking and after dinner the boys were put into groups and did some skits. Here's Harper and his group:

The skit was about two kids who were riding bikes when they crashed (that'd be Harper and the other boy on the brooms) and their bikes fell apart. An ambulance came and loaded the bikes on the stretcher and took them to the hospital with the boys chasing after. Pretty silly.

They came home pretty early Sunday morning and Tony was pretty exhausted. As I hear the garage door opening I told Dakota that they were back and she took off running to greet them. She was so, so happy Harper was back! (She cried on Sat morning when she realized he'd left for camp.) When I came down the steps Harper ran and jumped up into my arms, and hung on for a bit telling me he'd missed me! Man that was a great feeling! 

They may be going on another camping trip in April, not sure if it'll just be the two of them again or if the rest of us will be going as well. We need to find out more information about it first.  

Monday, February 19, 2018

Masquerade Ball

Friday night Tony and Dakota attended a girl scout sponsored Masquerade ball. It began as a daddy daughter dance, and that was the majority of the turn out, but it was open to any special adult + their girl scout. When I asked Tony if he'd want to attend with Dakota he happily agreed so I signed them up. It wasn't until about a week later that we realized it was going to be a bit of a conflict with the boy scout camping trip the same weekend! Oops! It ended up working out okay though because Tony went with Dakota to the dance and then the next morning he and Harper left bright and early for camp. (All this AND Tony had his last major paper to write and turn in by tonight! He managed his school work, regular work and role as amazing father/husband seamlessly this week! I'm proud of you, hunny bunny!)

I don't really have a lot to write about the ball itself as I wasn't there, but I of course have photo's to share. I asked Tony to take a bunch for me at the dance as well, so I have those to post too.

While she and Tony were at the dance Harper and I watched Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. We finished reading the book just after Christmas but hadn't really found the time to watch the movie and this seemed the perfect opportunity.

Dakota and Tony got back around 7:45 or so although the dance wasn't to end until 8:30 pm. I guess Dakota had had enough. She said she'd had fun and that she'd eaten 5 cookies. That was pretty much all she told me as she wiggled her way onto the couch to eat our popcorn and "watch" the end of the movie. 

Fondue for Four

Since we didn't have any activities for Valentines Day (meaning boy/girl scouts but Landon did have to work) we had a little family fondue for dinner. It was basically just us dipping a bunch of things in either cheese (dinner) or chocolate (dessert) and it was delicious! The kids loved it and even tried a vegetable or two in the process which was pretty awesome.

We used this recipe for the cheese and this one is the chocolate recipe we tried. Both recipes were simple with only a handful of ingredients and both tasted wonderful!

Our cheese dippers were: cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, kielbasa and french bread.

For the chocolate fondue we had pineapple (my favorite!), strawberries, oreo cookies, marshmallows and banana's. Seriously delicious. 

And that was all she wrote for Valentines day this year. Nothing big, just us and the two little kids dipping food into food. :) 

Valentine's Day Celebrations

The kids each had their own little Valentine's Day celebrations on Wednesday last week. I had volunteered to help out a little in Dakota's classroom but went in just a bit early so I could swing by Harper's room as well.

There really isn't much to say other than they both did a few Valentine's related crafts, had some snacks and passed out their cards to their classmates. They weren't really "parties" just a break from their normal routines.

Harper's class got to decorate their own sugar cookies.

And here he is decorating his Valentine bag.

Here's this little goof enjoying her party snacks.

And passing out her Valentine's. (She was very kindly helping a little boy pass his out as well. He's new to the class and a little shy and Dakota has taken him under her wing a bit.)

Lake Life (scrapbook page)

This photo is from 2011. We spent some time at my parents house that summer and the kids had a great time playing in the lake. Hard to believe that's Zoe, Jaron and Landon! They all look so young!

I knew I wanted to use the title "Lake Life" on this page but knew I'd have a lot of space to fill in because I only had the one photo to use. After looking for some ideas on, I found the page below and used some of her ideas to complete my page. A scrap lift, if you will. ;)

Angel401's Gallery: Lake Life

I really liked how she'd cut the waves out of her patterned paper with the blue showing through and wanted to try that. I also liked how she layered patterned papers around her photos and did just a little of that on my page as well. While I do like her page better than how mine turned out, I'm happy with mine as well. Another page down!

I used my cricut to cut everything on my page with the exception of the green scalloped border in which I used a scalloped punch. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

100th Day of School

My kids were so excited for school today because it was the 100th day! After they got dressed this morning I overheard them talking about how they couldn't wait to get to school! Last year, when Dakota was in preschool I went in to help with the activities but this year parent help wasn't requested. I would have gone in anyways but I'll be there tomorrow for Valentine's Day so I wasn't too worried about it.

Harper said they didn't celebrate at all in his class and that he was the only one with a 100th day shirt. Kind of sad that there aren't any fun 100th day things the older kids can do. Dakota, on the other hand, said they did 10 different stations, all revolving around the number 100. They had 100 cups to stack, 100 CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) words to read, roll a die 100 times and make a 100th day hat were some of them.

I guess that leaves 80 days in this school year. This stretch, the one after Christmas up to spring break always feels the longest. There seem to be fewer days off  and we spend every day waiting for those subtle hints of spring to show up. I'm not anxious at all for this school year to end though because having my last baby begin 1st grade, and my Harps start 3rd grade just doesn't seem right. Third grade just seems so old...half way through elementary school at the end of this year. And, we won't even start on it being Landon's LAST year of high school! He'll be a freaking senior! 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Game Day Game Reviews (Carcassone, Roller Coaster Challenge)

While Dakota and I were at her Fancy Nancy event, Tony and Harper had "game day".

The first game they played was Carcassone. I asked Tony to have Harper rate the games as they played them mainly so I'd have something blog about! :)

Since I didn't play the game I can't really tell you what it's all about but here is the product description I found online:

Carcassonne is a famous French city known for its imposing fortifications erected during Antiquity and the Middle Ages. In this game, players must develop the area around Carcassonne. They will lay tiles and place their followers onto roads and into cities, monasteries and fields. Only those who make the most judicious placements will gain the points required to win the game. Build prestige, power and dominance in your quest to claim victory in Carcassonne. 

The review:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Hate it! and 10 being Love it! he gave it an 8.
  • What he liked about it was that he was building the map and the meeples (characters used in the game).
  • Tony said that it was a simple game with great strategy.
  • They would both recommend the game to friends.
After playing that game Harper wanted to play castles in the basement so they did that for awhile before playing the second game, Roller Coaster Challenge

Dakota and I happened to get home while they were playing Roller Coaster Challenge and from what I saw it looked like a pretty cool game. But, since I wasn't playing I don't want to give an inaccurate explanation about how it works, so here's the product description I found:

Hang on! in this thrilling engineering challenge, players get to build their very own roller coasters. Start by choosing a challenge card and setting up the pieces to match. Then, players use the remaining pieces to build a working roller coaster that meets the build conditions on their challenge card. Roller coaster challenge incorporates elements of a logic puzzle, while also allowing for the creativity that stems from free-form building. Once you have solved each challenge, you get to watch a real coaster car glide down the track, complete with dips, curves, and loops.

The Review:

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being Hate it! and 10 being Love it!, Harper gave it a 10!
  • What he liked about it was assembling the tracks and seeing if they worked.
  • Harper would definitely recommend this to friends. 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

100 Magical Days of Kindergarten

When I asked Dakota what she wanted on her 100th day of school shirt she said hearts and stars. So, while she was at school on Friday, I got busy coming up with something for her shirt.

I grabbed a roll of pink foil iron-on as well as pinkish glitter iron-on. I had a bit of white glitter iron-on left over from a different project. (I cut everything with my Cricut.) I found this idea on Pinterest and used it for inspiration. I stupidly ironed the unicorn down first and then had to make all the stars and hearts fit around it. Next time, I'll be sure to create my pattern and then iron it down.

Again, the glitter iron-on was much easier to use. It ironed down easily while the foil was a pain and wanted to pull up at the edges and wrinkle. I managed to get most of them down nicely but there were a few that gave me trouble. 

Creepin' My Way to 100 Days

The kids' 100th day of school is coming up this week. The kindergarten classes are supposed to make and wear a 100th day of school shirt and since I was going to be making Dakota one I thought I'd go ahead and make Harper one too.

Harper loves all things Minecraft so when I saw this 100 day Minecraft shirt on Pinterest I decided that was the route to go.

I picked up a roll of green foil iron-on as well as a green glitter iron on. I had some black leftover from a previous project. I have to say that the glitter iron on is much thicker and much easier to use. The foil kept wanting to peel up and was much harder to make look nice.

Also, you have to be careful to cut the iron-on on the correct side or you'll end up having to re cut everything...don't even ask me how I know this. Oh, and one more tidbit, be sure to put the iron on down on your fabric the right way or you might iron it to the press cloth instead of the project. I'm as much a work in progress as this shirt was! 

I was really starting to like the way the shirt was coming out despite my mistakes. You can see there were some squares that moved while I was ironing but I pressed on despite my lacking ironing skills. (See what I did there with the pressed on!)

Here's the completed shirt. I love how the foil and glitter look together! I think it'll look really cool when he wears it as the color kind of changes with movement. 

Cabin Camping with the Boy Scouts

Tony and Harper were up and out of the house very early Saturday morning. The camp was about an hour drive and they wanted to make the ...