Slip'n & Slide'n

IMG_0641We celebrated Landon's 7th birthday today although he won't turn 7 until July 10th. It is tough having a summer birthday, especially close to the 4th...there just aren't many people at home! Landon was very happy with the few kids that could make it, and they all had a great time. We (again) had a slip n' slide and water balloon games in the backyard. We also made them snow cones that IMG_0678 they just loved since it was so hot out; it must have been close to 100 degrees out! Landon didn't want a cake this year, just ice cream (he isn't a big cake lover). I got chocolate and vanilla ice cream, tons of sprinkles and some  cupcakes...just cuz' i can't have a birthday party without cake of some sort! LOL! One of his favorite new toys is this skateboard...he's been asking for one for about a year now and he got on it as soon as he had a moment!


Ellie said…
Happy Birthday Landon! Hope you had lots and lots of fun on your special day.
Me said…
Happy Birthday, handsome!
He's the cute sk8er kid on the block, huh?
Amy said…
Looks like it was a great party!

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