Thursday, July 24, 2008

Animal Crossing

10-1 Since we have been home from Myrtle Beach we have been playing Animal Crossing again. It's really Landon's first experience with it, but for Tony and I this is old hat. We have had this game for a long time and we all played it quite a bit a few years ago, but after awhile, as with anything, it lost it's appeal and was shelved. Landon pulled it off the shelf the other day and now we are all into again. All three of us have created our own towns so that we can visit one another...silly, I know, but true. We couldn't be happy just living in one town together, we all have to have our own! I think Zoe will be creating a town soon...we're wearing her down, slowly but surely.

Oh, and soon, a new, improved version will be out for the Wii!

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onescrappygal said...

This game is like CRACK to me.

I have the DS version and have done everything in it. Filled up the museum. Paid off my loans. Got the big house. Got everyone in town to love me. Grew gold flowers. Now I am so bored with it. I'll only play it to visit other people's towns now...

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