Tuesday, July 8, 2008

OC Round 2...

IMG_0693We drove out to Ocean City again on the 2nd...we just can't get enough of the -60 degree water!  Zoe brought Theresa along this time and we also picked up a couple boogie boards to try. The water is still pretty icy, but the kids sure didn't seem to notice and at least this time the sun was out and it was somewhat warmer.  IMG_0699 When we went to lunch we were being entertained by a pair of seagulls. There was one that was "claiming" our eating area as it's territory while another one would get up it's courage and attempt to get close enough for a scrap. IMG_0705Then there would be a lot of squawking and one bird would chase the other...like I said it was quite entertaining! Dottie showed the kids how to throw food out to the birds and that was that. All they cared about was feeding the seagull and I think that this gull may have eaten more of Landon's fries than he did! IMG_0706 After lunch, Landon decided that the boogie board was much more fun if he stood on it and "surfed". I tried to convince him that this was not what the board was intended for, but he couldn't have cared less! And I had no more than told him that he should be using it IMG_0701as a boogie board when we saw a teenage boy come rolling in on his "surfboard"! And, not much longer after that and we saw more and more little boys trying to surf on their boards...must be a boy thing!

BTW: if you look closely in the 2nd seagull pic you can see the french fry in the air...can you find it?

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