Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rockin' & Rollin'

Since we got GH3 Aerosmith edition, I haven't been playing Mario Kart as much. I finally beat the easy level on GH and have moved to the medium level which has proven to be pretty tough (for me). I hate to get anything less that 5 stars (I'm just picky like that) so I have been playing some of the songs more than once on this level, namely Sweet Emotion and Personality Crisis. Argh!

So, after butchering those songs last night I decided to hop on Mario Kart worldwide to do a little racing. Low and behold Sue and B. Real were on too! They were KILLING me on the track which means I better start practicing more often! Once Tony realized they were on he jumped on and we were out to get them, but we didn't have much luck! The very last race we were in Tony was beating up Sue and I skated past them both and came in 3 or 4th...but I beat Sue and that's all that mattered! It took the two of us to win, but we pulled it off! And then they both logged off...wth?


susan and sometimes aaron said...

we kept getting disconnected or else we would have kept our butt kicking on! we'll have to set up a mario date night!! i too have moved on...playing mario galaxy. it's a pretty fun game...and long.

onescrappygal said...

So far, I've only done Pat Benetar's "Love is a battlefield" on the easy level of GH. I should try some of the others...but I'm too busy playing Mario Kart with my little girl. :)

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