We took Landon to see Wall-E today. It was great! I really appreciated the message it sent and was surprised at how much of it Landon understood. At first when I asked him what the movie was about he said "some robots can fly and others stay on the ground" but once I asked him what he thought of the people in the movie he started to talk and realize what the whole thing was about. You can always count on Disney to make a cute movie with a strong message! Another great thing about this movie was that there was very little talking, just the clanking/zapping of the robots and Landon thought Wall-E was hilarious...I just loved that this was a movie that kids and adults could appreciate together.

IMG_0861 [800x600]


Here's the cake Landon and I made this morning...and we all enjoyed this little birthday cake for dessert tonight!  Landon always says that he doesn't like cake, but he sure ate a big piece of this tonight! He even made sure to tell me that it was the best cake he had ever had...


Nnairda's said…
Followed you from SB. com. I really enjoyed the movie too! The romance was so entertaining.

patrick said…
Wall-E totally looks like the robot from "Short Circuit"... minus the cheesy 80's style of course
Amanda said…
I loved Wall-E too!

The cake looks so good. Have a piece for me!

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