Monday, September 8, 2008

Pretty Princess

IMG_0466 Yesterday while we were at AC Moore, I found the cutest stickers (remember from yesterday's post!) from K&Company. The reason I decided to buy them was because the little girl dressed as the princess reminded me so much of Zoe when she was little. That girl loved to dress as a princess. So, last night I dug out some old pictures, Halloween 1998, and got this page done. Is this the cutest little princess or what? I hope to get some more pages done with these old photos, lord knows I have plenty to work with!


Tony said...

Why do you do that? Catch me off guard and make me all teary eyed.

Don't you know I am at work, in a cube mind ya, and I cannot be caught blubbering like some old fool.

Great LO and pretty pictures pictures, if only we could go back to simplier times.

Now my nose is running. See what you do, now I got run to the bathroom.

Carmen O. said...

What a sweet layout! I love all the princessy embellies. Great job.

One Scrappy Gal said...

I love the font and the sticker too!! This is a very sweet layout.

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