Pretty in Pink

After helping at Landon's school this morning, I went to Toys R' Us, and officially bought the kids' first Christmas gift. But, because Zoe reads this every once in awhile, I can't write what it is! I am just happy to have officially begun the madness. I also stopped at JoAnne's while I was out, so that I could get this wall art for Landon's room. IMG_1219I thought it was pretty neat looking and with my 40% off coupon, it wasn't a bad price. I was really happy with how easy it was to put up although, I do wish I had put it just a touch lower. I may move it down just a bit if I get brave...or I just might leave it. When I got home I was happy to see that my new phone had arrived! I can't believe how long I lived without a cell phone! I didn't realize how often I used it until I didn't have one anymore! IMG_1222 I really like the color of this new one too! I liked my red one, but I am always happy to get something new and pink! ;) Even the design on the back is cute! IMG_1224 Landon has been so worried about me not having a phone, so this should make him feel better. I think he is getting over the whole thing with our car getting broken into, but I am sure he won't forget about it any time soon!

Last night I finished this layout. IMG_1213 It is pretty unusual (I think) but I am really trying to get through some old supplies I've had forever. The stamp at the top isn't old, but it is just sooo cute and I have been wanting to use it somewhere, somehow and I finally just went for it! You can't tell here, but the frog/jack-o-lantern on the bottom as well as the stamped birds and M&M letters have all been stickled. It looks pretty good in real life!


Carmen O. said…
What a cool phone, looks scrapbooky to me ;). Cute layout too, those dressed up owls are adorable! You're really on a roll with those LO's.
Lydia said…
Cool boys room, Awesome phone, and adorable lo! Love that stamp!
onescrappygal said…
Your cell phone is SO CUTE! I love it! Can't go wrong with pink! :)

I also like the layout. I really need to get my butt in gear and work on my pages already!!
The Fry's said…
I LOVE your new phone! Pink is my color! I like your layout too. I love the color combination. Thanks for sharing!

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