Monday, November 24, 2008

Snowman Cookies

IMG_1588 I found this adorable cookie jar at Bath and Body Works the other day. Of course, the only thing missing were the cookies, so Zoe and I made some Chocolate Chip cookies today! She, like Landon, loves to help bake. She's really old enough to do some baking by herself, but I always end up helping just because it's something we both can do together. Here are some pics of us in action:












Tony and Ginger have really seemed to bond as of late. It took them a while, IMG_1584but anytime he's sitting anywhere she wants to be on his lap...unless I'm around that is!  He was sitting on the floor looking for some Thanksgiving pie recipes and Ginger saw him there and plopped right down. It must be love!

This final picture is of a letter that Zoe got in the mail today. She has serious issues opening things. Bags, boxes, envelopes, you name it, she can't open it!  Not without it being torn or opened in some odd way. She has been that way for as long as I can remember and even she knows she has "opening things" issues! IMG_1585I know that the way she opened this wasn't a big deal, but really, who do you know that doesn't know how to open an envelope? Well, now you know at least one honor roll student who doesn't! I can't imagine how she'll ever live on her own!


Carmen O. said...

Cute cookie jar! Cookies sound good to me. I made Beef Veggie soup today. Noah was home sick and we went to the doc @1pm so it kinda made the day fly by.

**Maybe you should get Zoe a letter opener??? I'm just saying...

ValAnn said...

Animals love to sit on the laps of people who they "need" to bond with.. They push their love onto people who end up loving them back!

The letter opener is a good idea... or just have her use a butter knife.

Lydia said...

Aww, thats sweet they like to help! i Also like your cookie jar!

Water Balloons

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