Monday, December 1, 2008

Hello December

It feels as though time is flying these days. It seems like just yesterday both the kids were starting school, Tony, Kiersten and I had birthdays, then we were searching for Halloween costumes and poof Thanksgiving is over and here we are and it's December 1st. This is always a busy time of year for us, but this year just seems to be in a hurry to be over.

Thanksgiving 2008 Thanksgiving, as always, we spent at my parents house. We had a great time and the food was excellent. We got to their house around 9am so that we could help with the cooking, and we ended up spending the night. There were 11 of us total, you just can't see Lorenzo down at the end (he's too busy getting into the turkey!) and of course Tony is the one taking the photo.

IMG_1648 When we got home Friday I had a million things to do before Zoe's birthday party on Saturday. We hadn't wrapped her gift, bought a cake or even figured out what we were going to feed everyone! It all just got away from me, but Tony and I got it all worked out in time. We took the girls to the mall and did a texting scavenger hunt. We would text them a store to go to then they would text when they got there, then we would text what item they were to find. It was pretty fun, and the winning team got $25 to the Icing and the losing team only got $20. Then we went to see Four Christmases. I thought the movie was awful and I really wish Landon hadn't seen it, luckily I think most of it went over his head. IMG_1657The girls liked the movie (of course) but, they are only 14, what do they know? I know Mom, Jaron and Landon didn't like the movie either, but Tony and Dad never really said. After the movie we came back to our house for cake & ice cream and presents. The girls decided they wanted to eat the cake with no hands, so they all had fun doing that. I think there was a tie for first place between Jaron and Miranda. Landon doesn't like cake that much, so he ate his ice cream with no hands, but it didn't last long because it hurt too much!  IMG_1661All in all it








All in all it was a successful birthday party and everyone had a good time! Thanks to mom, dad and Jaron for making the trip up, you guys know how special you are to her (and the rest of us!). It was nice of you all to be there to celebrate again this year! Today is Zoe's real birthday, so I will post a pic of just her later on today...and I am starting my December Daily album today!


Carmen O. said...

Looks like you had an awesome Thanksgiving and your DD had a great birthday. My oldest turns 19 on the 4th. OMG where'd that time go?

Tony said...

As for the movie, it fails miserably. There were a few slapstick parts, but way too much sexual inneundo for the audience that it is marketed towards.

Next time I will go with my instinct and take the Landon to see Bolt, cause he definitely picked up something from the movie, Bi. Not LOLing

Water Balloons

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