Tuesday, January 27, 2009




I guess all those crossed fingers and snow dances finally paid off! The kids were so happy to wake up to snow today, even though they already had the day off! (Teacher work day, today and tomorrow!) It took them awhile, but they finally went out about 2 hours ago now and I am going to have to force them back inside soon! They are just having a great time hanging out with kids in the neighborhood, making up things to do. There really isn't that much snow, (I can see the grass poking through still) but it's enough to keep them happy!


Carmen O. said...

Snow snow snow! We're supposed to get 6-9 inches. We'll see what actually happens, being from Wisconsin I know never to trust the weather people! LOL Hope your kiddos enjoyed themselves. Usually it helps them sleep well :D.

Amanda said...

What a difference from how the weather is here today in Central Florida. My friends and I laid out in the backyard working on our tans and let the kids play in the kiddie pool!

The snow looks wonderful and such fun! I hope they're having a great day!

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