Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monkey'n Around


This first photo actually kinda creeps me out! It makes me think of a scary movie scene for some reason! Yes, I took the photo, but it's still kinda weird. The DC Zoo has the monkey cages set up so that they can access different cages by climbing across these high ropes above the crowd. We missed most of it, but I caught this guy right at the end. I believe they were orangutans.


These two were really fun to watch! They were rolling around with each other and every time the one would try to climb up the rope the other would grab him and they would then roll around on the ground playing and doing somersaults. It was like watching two little kids playing and we ended up watching them for a long while.



It was cool to see a baby gorilla. The baby is only 7 weeks old, and the momma monkey seemed happy to show him off. She kept turning her body it seemed so that we could get a good photo! The huge Silverback in the background wasn't easy to get a photo of, he was much too interested in finding food!


The Golden Lion Tamarin's were really fun to watch! They are so incredibly fast, zipping in and out from one cage to another! It was hard to get a great photo of them, but finally this one sat still for a second!


Carmen O. said...

More cool photos! I love the monkeys, gorillas, orangutans. They're usually fun to watch.

Hey you got a Christmas widget already what the heck? LOL

ValAnn said...

The monkeys are always our favorite stop at the zoo! They are so much fun to watch! I can't wait to hit the zoo this spring!

The Fry's said...

I absolutely love zoos.... I do, I could go every month. This is awesome that you got to go, thanks for sharing the pictures.

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