Sunday, April 26, 2009

When the sun shines…

we sure keep busy! We had a visitor in our yard that nearly drove my dog crazy! This bunny keeps coming back though, so I am sure it probably has babies nearby.

IMG_4090We did a ton of yard work, and Landon was happy to water the plants for us, or at least the bottom of the plants!?! ;)

IMG_4094We sat through a baseball game in blistering 90+ degree weather, and Zoe ran at a track meet the same day. We didn’t get to go again, but she has another meet this Wednesday that I am hoping to attend. IMG_4120IMG_4134IMG_4126IMG_4128

Zoe earned some $$ cutting the grass for Mema…she did a great job and Mema was so happy she didn’t have to do it herself! Landon earned a little money washing Mema’s car too, but I didn’t get pictures!

IMG_4154And, more yard work! I am so happy with the way our yard looks right now, I sure hope the summer heat doesn’t kill it all!

IMG_4169IMG_4164IMG_4166 IMG_4165


Nnairda's said...

Love your little bunny visitor! Great shots of the game too.

Thanks for your warm well wishes on the birth of my little one. It's appreciated!


ValAnn said...

Summer? Yard work?? I wish we could have some summer weather here in MI. I'm hoping to do yardwork this weekend if the weather cooperates!

Amanda said...

Your flowers are gorgeous!

Water Balloons

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