Monday, July 6, 2009

4th Photo’s

After looking through the 180 photo’s I took on the 4th, I found some other cute one’s that I wanted to share.

First up, my parent’s naughty Bassett Hound, Hobart. Why is his head in a bag you wonder? Well, those Bassett’s have great noses, and his found some left over pasta salad! He got a good bit of it before he was finally pulled out of the bag!


Landon, having such a great time, he actually gave me a nice smile for once. No pouty lips, no argument, no silly face. He just stopped and turned and smiled. I wish he would do that more often. I got Zoe to stop for just a second too. She is pretty used to me asking for a picture, so she knows to just comply and get it over with! She has such a great natural smile too!











I don’t think we could ever celebrate the 4th without sparklers! Everyone thought mom’s shirt was really cute! She sure does look like she loves sparklers!





















                  Tish and Bruno…aren’t they cute?!


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