Friday, October 23, 2009

Going out with a bang!

Last night was Zoe’s final JV soccer game. The girls were on FIRE! They were so ready to kick butt, and they did just that! The score ended up being 4-1, and their record for the season was 8-3-1. They did so much better than last year and Zoe was really dreading the end of soccer season this year, she said she just wasn’t ready for it to be over.

IMG_7530IMG_7533 IMG_7540

If it helps at all, she’s number 5 in the photo’s. I know it’s hard to see these pictures much less pick out which one Zoe is! I love that last shot of her heading the ball! I have seen a drastic improvement in the way Zoe played soccer this season and I think she has a great chance of playing for varsity next year. 

It’s a good thing last night was the final game though because Zoe ended up getting hurt! Somehow she twisted the wrong way and ended up pulling a muscle in her back! She went down in serious pain and we didn’t even get to stay for the varsity game and tailgate afterwards. Zoe was pretty bummed about that, but she had seriously hurt her back.

Now that soccer is over it looks like she’ll be running indoor track, which is new to all of us this year. I can’t wait to see how it works! Once Landon finishes soccer he plans on trying indoor soccer. He’s always watched his dad and sister play indoor and now he’s ready to give it a try! We just go from one busy season to the next!

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