Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Parade

Today was Landon’s Halloween Parade at school. The kids really look forward to doing this every year, they just love to see what everyone else is wearing.

This year they were allowed to bring their masks and wear them during the parade, and I almost didn’t recognize Landon when he came walking by! I’m glad they let them wear their masks, because every year Landon wants to be something scary, and it’s hard to be scary without a mask.

Especially when your as cute as he is!

At the beginning of the clip he asks me if he got his mask on right, I know it sounds garbled on the video. He was so worried he was going to put it on wrong!

Did you notice the kid showing me his painted fingernails?

Well, I thought he was flipping me the bird there for a second…good thing I looked up from the camera screen and realized he was just showing me his punk rock fingernail polish, cuz’ I wasn’t too happy thinking that some 3rd grader had just flipped me off! 

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