Tuesday, November 17, 2009

One Proud Mom!

Today is report card day for us, and WOW my kids are awesome!  Both of them made the honor roll, and this is Landon’s first year with “real” grades, so he was extremely proud of himself.

When we read his grades out to him, he was BEAMING…I mean, all you could see was braces! He was really excited about his grades, and we had promised him at the beginning of the school year that if he did well on his report card we would let him get a game card for doing well. We don’t typically do anything special for good reports, we expect the kids to do their best, but for this one time, we allowed a treat.

Zoe continues to impress us with her grades, and this marking period was no exception. She is taking some pretty intense classes and she manages them very well. I’m not exactly sure how she keeps up with all of it, but she does, and she is just super smart and dedicated. We knew what her report card was going to look like last week since they brought home grade sheets, so she decided that for her good grades she wanted to go to a sleepover at her friends house with a few other girls.

Here are their cards, not the best scan, but they both got all A’s and B’s and Zoe’s GPA is a whopping 4.13!!! I mean seriously!

Report Cards Report Cards 002

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Amanda said...

You should be very, very proud!

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