Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Tonight is sleepover night at our house. Landon is having a friend over for the first time and Zoe is having a friend over for the millionth time. It’s hard for me to believe that the first time Zoe had a sleepover she was only four but for Landon it has only just now become something he’s interested in!


The boys have been going non-stop since the moment Landon’s buddy was dropped off. They are loud and crazy but they play really well together. They have played board games, video games and built elaborate mazes with Domino’s. They have wrestled and shown each other how many push-ups they can do. They have giggled over inside jokes, harassed the dog and plotted out some of what they want to do in the morning. Landon’s friend is an early riser (6am) so that should make our morning routine interesting…Landon likes to wake up at the crack of 8 or 9 these days, which for him is quite early! (He used to sleep until 10 and 11 on the weekends!)


The girls have been having a great time as well, but they are quite different. They have been friends for so long and they enjoy the same things, so it’s very easy for them to be together. They have baked cookies (peanut butter with chocolate kiss centers), colored pages that they printed off the internet, giggled about old times and inside jokes and texted all of their other friends the entire time. They also played a little Trauma Center on the Wii tonight but got stuck on a level and haven’t gotten back on since!

Right now all is quiet in the house; the boys have gone to bed (but not to sleep) and the girls are upstairs doing who knows what…I’m guessing it’s prank call time.

I guess I better get to bed since it looks like I’ll be having an early morning!


Carmen O. said...

Sounds like a fun night and an early riser - oh my. Noah had a friend over last weekend and when I got home from class they were out in the garage skateboarding. I said Mikey didn't let you sleep huh? Anyone else and they would've still been asleep at 11am Sat morn! Hope if they were up they were just watching TV or something quiet.

Amanda said...

Hey! It was sleepover night at our house last night too! How funny!

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