Friday, January 15, 2010


Every other Friday I volunteer at Landon’s school. while I am there it is my job to run the class store. The kids earn tickets all week for good behavior, turning in homework and class work…etc.

So, every other Friday I go in, and they count up their tickets and we have all kinds of little goodies that they can purchase with their earned tickets.

Some of the kids like to save until they have enough to buy several things at once whereas others will spend every single ticket they have. Landon is an inbetweener (yeah, I’m pretty sure that isn’t a word, but it’s fun to say!). He likes to spend a little and save a little, although I really don’t know what he’s saving for. I mean, outside of the class store those little tickets just aren’t worth much!


I thought I’d get a picture of Landon spending his big bucks in the “store” today for my 365…he sure looks serious counting out that “money”!

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