Saturday, January 23, 2010

Party Weekend

For us, this weekend has been about birthday parties. Last night Zoe went to a boy’s 16th birthday party. The parents rented a hall and the kids danced the night away…or that’s what I’m guessing happened anyways. Zoe said it was fun, but she didn’t really say much else about it.

I did get her a new dress for the occasion because there was a dress code!


These aren’t the best photo’s because hair hadn’t even been dried and fixed yet, but she was on her way to a friends house to finish getting ready so I had to rush. Landon can’t stand when Zoe’s the center of attention so he had to jump in a couple of the pictures. She wasn’t supposed to wear those boots because her friend offered her some shoes to borrow, but she ended up just going to the party in them anyways!

Landon had a party today, it was at a laser tag place. Tony took him and he had a great time. I didn’t go because I had to take Zoe to the mall so she could meet a boy for a movie date! That’s right people, Zoe went on her first date! I think she was a little nervous even though she wouldn’t admit it…

We have one more party to go to tomorrow, this time at an indoor swimming pool. Should be fun…for Landon at least. :)

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