Thursday, February 4, 2010


We have been getting crazy snow around here. We had our first big storm back in December and we may be getting another 24 inches tomorrow! I am pretty sure that I am one in about 5 people in Maryland who are fine with all this snow!

We’ve had a couple other snow days here and there this past month and we’ve been busy finding things to do in the house. There has been lots of video game playing, movie watching and I’ve even managed to do some scrapbooking.

Yesterday, since we were all home, we pulled out a puzzle to work on…it’s been ages since we’ve done that! Zoe started it with me, but she just barely helped me finish the border before she’d had enough. Landon isn’t quite ready for this size puzzle but every once in awhile he’ll jump up and say he’s found a piece (usually it’s one he pulls out that’s already been fitted, and he claims it as his own!). So, that leaves Tony and I, and between the two of us we’ve got about half done.


Luckily we have that storm blowing in tomorrow and we’ll have plenty of time to finish!

1 comment:

KellyCali said...

OK, I know I'm 'suppose to' be commenting on the puzzle (which by the way, love your great angled pic), but can I just say that I love his shirt!

That one will make me laugh & crack me up everytime! LOL!

p.s. I also do all my own (*though very much unintended*) stunts! ;)

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