Dork Alert!

Do you notice anything new on the side of my page?

The purple button perhaps?

This past Friday I received an e-mail saying that I had been recommended by someone else as a favorite blog/blogger. I don't know who recommended my blog as a favorite, but I thought it was very nice of them! I debated on whether or not I should complete the interview, but when I looked at the questions I figured why not? The questions weren't all that difficult but I will warn you, if you read my interview I sound like a total dork!! Just click on the button and it will take you to my interview; if you can stand the dorkiness that is! :)


Reyna said…
Hi You have a great blog. I followed! Check out my blog and FOLLOW:) Just click on the "Networked Blogs FOLLOW" under my profile. Thanks!
Can't wait to read more!
Amanda said…
I voted for you :-) It's fun! Good interview.

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