Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kick This

I guess you have all figured out by now that there hasn’t been much going on around here this week…I mean all I’ve posted pretty much are layouts!


Good thing I had all these saved up or I might not have had anything at all this week! I just realized how crooked that page looks, but it isn’t really like that in real life…I just didn’t get a great picture of it. And no, your eyes are fine; it’s my pictures that are blurry, but I just really liked them anyways!

We’ve actually been pretty busy with 3 doctor appointments this week (1 for me, 2 for Landon), track meet and daily practices for Zoe, lots of paperwork concerning the house, and I even made myself get the gym twice this week! Yes, only twice, but that’s better than last week! :) When you throw all that in with the regular stuff, it makes for a busy week!

The kids have off from school next week for Spring Break and we are all thankful for that. I’ve got a few things I hope to do with the kids but nothing crazy…just stuff we can do right around here since Tony will be working.

Hopefully I’ll have lots of stuff to post about next week. It’s either that or I’d better get some pages scrapped!


Amanda said...

My kids are off on Spring Break next week as well. I've got to come up with some fun things for the week!

I love the soccer layout. The cutouts are darling!

ValAnn said...

Enjoy your spring break, ours is the following week, and I'm hoping to get way more accomplished than is probably possible, but if I get half of it done I'll be happy!

scrappygal said...

Our spring break is in 2 weeks. How dumb is that?

I love your layouts. Wish I had to motivation to work on my photos. Haven't scrapbooked in over a year!

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