Friday, March 5, 2010

New Baby = New Stuff!

Since Tony stayed home today we headed out to lunch then to look at some baby room furniture. There are some really neat new baby products out there that I know we are going to “have” to have!

For instance:

The Bumbo Seat

Bumbo Baby Sitter Seat - Green - Bumbo  - Babies"R"Us

I think that little seat is just too cute! The reviews on it were mostly all positive too, so that’s a plus. Some of the items I originally thought looked great got terrible reviews…I guess that is one of the positives about the internet!

I’m pretty sure I want to get either a black or white crib and furniture, but as far as room decor I’m just not sure. At first I thought maybe we should do something gender neutral, but the more I looked the more I want to just know if I’ll be decorating for a girl or a boy. Either way we found some gorgeous stuff at both Babies R Us and Pottery Barn Kids. The prices at Babies R Us are much more reasonable though, so I’m thinking I’ll probably go with something from there…but I have plenty of time to look and I plan to search the web some for ideas before I settle.

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