Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Round Finger Ornaments

Today Zoe came home with a brochure that looked like this:



I was actually kind of excited to see it; until I saw the price sheet.  It sure does make me realize how little time left we have with her in high school. I’m excited for her future, but also really sad that she’ll be moving on without me. If I could just slow things down a bit, you know?

Anyways, looking through the catalog made me think of my class ring, and of course I had to go pull it out. I am still really happy with the way my ring turned out and I am looking forward to helping Zoe design hers. Paying for it will be painful (even with the monthly payment plan) but designing it will be fun!

Here are a few of the design’s she and I like:

Ring 1Ring 2Ring 3Ring 4

About the title: I couldn’t think of one, so I asked Tony. He said “Senior Rings” or “Round Finger Ornaments”. So, there you have it. Round Finger Ornaments.

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Tony said...

That is an awesome title!

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