Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Subject


We don’t do a whole lot when it comes to purchasing gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day, but the kids always have a homemade card for us. Since Landon’s still in elementary school, he made a little booklet at school all about why he thinks I’m awesome, but he also decided to make me a little card at home like Zoe did.

I’m only sharing this one because it is just too funny not to. The other one’s I’ll keep private…mostly because I want all those sweet words the kids wrote all to myself! After all, I only get a these kinds of cards about once or twice a year!


Since it’s a little difficult to read, here’s what he wrote:

I could not use market because if you came down I would have had no were to put the markers and  you would see my card. The mane resen I gave you this card is because you are the best mom ever. New subject, I have a pensle and I can hide it fast if you come down.

Love, Landon

I actually laughed so hard I snorted!

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Amanda said...

OMG! That is precious! Little boys are the best :-)

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