Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Because it’s My Blog And I Wanna

Lame title?

You betcha, but I had these photo’s from the 4th that I wanted to put up here and I’m guessing everyone’s real tired of hearing and seeing our 4th of July festivities, but, it’s my blog so I get to do whatever I want with it, right?

Right. So, here are a few more pictures that I love:

Girl and Dud


This first one makes me laugh! Zoe got a dud sparkler…and she looks totally disgusted. I’m not sure if you can really see her expression, but she’s looking at that little stick of fire like it has some nerve.

Girl with Light Bulb Growing Out of Face and Sparklers


I like this one, even though it looks like there is a ghost behind Zoe and like she has a light growing out of her face. She’s such a cute girl…and no, I’m not biased at all.

Man in Smoke


This one makes me think of a clown performing a circus act or something. He was having such a good time with those long sparklers…until one of the sparks hit him in the neck.

Halted in Tracks by Beautiful Fire


I love this one because I know they are just standing there admiring their own handiwork as I was admiring mine.

Orange Glow


This is a photo of Zoe watching Donald Trumps lousy fireworks show. I have no idea how I achieved this look so I won’t be posting a tutorial. I do love how my girl looks in this photo…she’s just so cute sitting there on the curb taking it all in.

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