Friday, July 2, 2010

Lookin’ Smart

Both kids had their annual eye exams this week. This was Landon’s first time going in and he passed with flying colors. Zoe’s been going to the eye doctor for years so this wasn’t anything new for her.


Back when Zoe was 4 years old we discovered that she had an amblyopia or lazy eye. Basically what happened is she used one eye more than the other and to correct it she had to wear glasses that had a prism type coating on the good eye’s lens…forcing her to use the “lazy” eye more. She improved rather rapidly and before long she was just wearing regular glasses to improve her vision. At 9 years old her vision was deemed good enough without using corrective lenses and she was spectacle free…but, not for long.

Last year at her annual eye exam the doctor said that her vision wasn’t so great and that she needed to start wearing glasses again. At the time, the doctor told her she really only needed to wear them while reading, or doing homework and I guess Zoe took that as a sign that she didn’t really need them at all, so she never wore them.

At her appointment this week the doctor asked her if she wore her glasses and she honestly replied that no, she never did. Unfortunately, her answer was reflected in her exam and her eyes have gotten worse over the past year. The doctor said she really could use a new prescription, but I told the doctor I’d rather not pay for something that Zoe wasn’t going to use. So, our compromise was that Zoe start wearing her glasses when she’s on the computer, reading or texting and see if her eyes improve over the next year.

She’s been wearing those glasses pretty much non stop since that appointment on Wednesday. She even told me today that she thought we should go ahead and fill her new prescription…but I’m going to wait at least another month or so to test this new commitment.

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