Monday, July 5, 2010

Not Just Another 4th


Why not?

Because my dad and brother weren’t here to celebrate with us, and we sure missed them. We had fun, but it didn’t feel quite the same without them here helping us blow things up.

We ended up getting over to mom’s house around 11am and spending the day relaxing and running out periodically to spend money…it was just too hot to really do anything, so staying in the ac was our top priority.

Chris, Lori and the kids got to the house around 5pm, in time to eat and get ready for the fireworks.

We do our own fireworks show in the street outside of mom and dad’s house, but since they live right next to a golf course that is owned by Donald Trump, we get to see  the show they put on as well…hence the photo at the top of the post. We’re pretty sure that our show is way better than his, and we know it’s certainly more fun…even if our fireworks never leave the ground.

Here are a few shots from the night:



IMG_1576IMG_1606IMG_1657 IMG_1697

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