Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Sunday Well Spent

We did some major shopping today. I’m not sure if we got anything we set out to get, but we had fun spending money nonetheless!

One stop we made was at Michaels, and every time we go there Landon wants to get some kind of craft to do. This trip he found a kit with three ceramic piggy banks that he could paint and he decided to use his own money to buy them…not for himself but for the baby! I thought that was really sweet of him! He painted for about an hour before getting tired…so this is how they look as of right now:


Tony and Landon also picked up this United States quarters map. Once we got home they both dumped out everyone’s wallets and piggy banks looking for quarters. They ended up finding 27 today so they’ve got their work cut out for them.


Tony also picked up the ingredients he needed to make an Apple Blackberry Pie, and wow does it smell delicious!


I picked up some wooden letters to spell out the baby’s name as well as a few other goodies that have to remain under wraps for now…hopefully I’ll be able to share all that real soon! And, in case anyone’s wondering where Zoe was when all this fun was happening, she headed down to her Oma’s house this week where she’ll be having all sorts of fun without us… :(

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Anonymous said...

Your husband bakes?!


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