Monday, August 23, 2010

The Last Hurrah Before School

Zoe got to spend the day out shopping, and Landon chose to go mini-golfing. He really wanted to go to the golf course and use real clubs, but we don’t own any golf clubs so he settled on a round of mini-golf instead.

I chose not to golf because I didn’t know how well Harper was going to do in the heat, but I certainly could have. So, since I was the baby stroller pusher, I just took pictures the whole time…and I got some good ones!

I love this first one because Landon had just gotten a hole in one, and Tony was shocked! Landon was in shock too, but after he realized what had just happened the smack talk began between him and his Dad.


The second one I love because of the look of concentration on Landon’s face. I also love it because I was able to get some of the background in it and it really looked quite beautiful out there. Do you see my feeble attempt to frame Landon in the photo? LOL!


I was attempting to frame Tony between the trees with his golf club, but it looks like I caught him peeing outside. Oops! The look on his face doesn’t help! :)


Landon didn’t even try to make it look like he was golfing. Instead he just got behind that tree and gave me some cheese!


This is how Harper looked the entire time we were on the course:


I love Landon’s silliness in this shot; it’s just so him right now:


And, I love Tony’s smile in this next one because it is his real genuine, melt my heart, make me weak in the knees smile:


Here’s just a shot I got of the surroundings. I thought it was beautiful…for a mini golf place on the side of the highway:


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