Monday, September 13, 2010

Harper @ 1 Month


I can’t believe how quickly time seems to go. I mean, where did that whole first month go? I am relishing every moment of this early baby stage because it just goes by too quickly and it just happens to be one of my very favorite stages.

At a month old, there aren’t any huge milestones to record developmentally, but this little guy’s personality is starting to come through somewhat.

  • He still loves to be held close, and snuggling up in our arms with his binky is one of his favorite places to be.
  • He’s nursing really well now, and we aren’t having any trouble keeping him awake to eat like we were the first couple weeks of his life.
  • He’s very happy in the mornings, around 8-9am, and when I talk quietly to him he smiles the most beautiful smiles…heart melting, wide open toothless grins; a great way to start our days.
  • He loves to hold onto our fingers and pull into a sitting position, and when he’s really got the energy, he’ll go all the way into a standing position.
  • He’s still wearing all newborn clothes, and he’s actually starting to fit into them now. He’s also still wearing newborn diapers, but once we run out of what we have on hand now, we’ll go ahead with the size 1’s. At least I think we will.
  • When he was first born, he didn’t really have much of a cry. It was hardly more than a whimper really. That has also changed, and he’s definitely found his voice. And it can be loud.

Later this afternoon I’ll be taking him to his 1 month doctor visit. I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that he won’t have to get any shots today. I’ll be sure to update his stats sometime later today or tomorrow!

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