Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Harper’s First Bath

We’ve been giving Harper little sponge bath’s here and there, but today (which was really 8/28, I’m just WAY behind!) he got his first “real” bath. We brought his tub down into the kitchen so that we all wouldn’t have to lean over the bathtub in order to help…and the tub leaked everywhere when we put it up on the counter!

So, as you’ll see in the photo’s, we had to prop the tub up in the sink and make it work…

Here he is looking slightly concerned. He actually really seems to enjoy his baths as long as we just keep him warm the whole time.


In this next photo he seems to be confusing my fingers for his breakfast…


Looking content while his Mama washes him:


He actually looks like he could just take a little nap while all this is going on:


Finally, his Meme wraps him in a towel and we head upstairs to brush out that beautiful hair and get him dressed…


We all spent the rest of the day fighting to hold him…mostly so that we could sniff his little tiny head that smells SOOO good after a bath!


BusyB said...

ahhhh I luv little ones : ) and love doing all the firsts...that is so cute great pics! what a cutie!!!!

*lol always get baby fever when i see a little peanut lol!...then i remind myself of how hard they are!

BusyB said...

BABY!!!!!! not sure if you got my last comment : )


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