Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Solid 10

Soccer season is in full swing around here, for Zoe anyways. For some reason Landon hasn’t started yet, but I’m sure he’ll be starting practices and games any time now.


Zoe’s first game was Monday night. She didn’t get much playing time because she was dealing with an injury for a couple weeks prior, so her coaches are holding her back in the hopes of keeping her from reinjuring her leg. They ended up losing 4-2. I’m thinking if Zoe would have had more time on the field, they would have won. ;)


Zoe’s second game was Wednesday night, and she did end up getting more time on the field. During the first half she was pretty rocky and did a lot of running up and down the field…she looked a little unsure of her position quite honestly. But, during the second half she reminded us all what a great player she is. After the game, I told her that I thought she did great during the second half and she said she did better because she was really mad. (Mad about not getting much time on the field.) So, I suppose I’m going to have to tick her off before each game so she’ll get out there and kick butt! Zoe’s team won this time with a final score of 3-2. See…more Zoe time on the field and they win!


Zoe’s #10 this year, in case you couldn’t figure out what I was getting at with my title! :)

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