Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Team Red

Landon has finally started his soccer season. For some reason they didn’t put him on a team when we signed him up and he missed a week’s practice and the first game before we realized their mistake. But, it’s all worked out now and he’s on the red team. (We don’t know if the team has a name, so we’re calling it team red since that’s the color of their jerseys.)

Landon’s first game was Saturday, and he was excellent! He’s decided that he no longer wants to be the goalie (too much pressure?) and he wants to play defense.

IMG_2415 IMG_2429

While Landon was busy playing in the blazing sun, Mom, Zoe, Theresa, Harper and I were hiding out in the shade at the top of the hill.

And, during half time, I decided to get a couple pictures…

IMG_2423 IMG_2426

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