Monday, October 25, 2010

Pumpkin Party Time

Yesterday we hosted our first ever pumpkin carving party. It ended up being pretty fun and I think we’ll do it again next year, only slightly different. I had no idea how long it would take for the kids to paint or carve their pumpkins, so I put 1-4pm on the invites and that was way too long. So, the first thing I’d change for next year is the length of time! (Landon and his friends were done in an hour, and running around crazy for the other 2 hours!)

Each kid brought their own pumpkin and we supplied the paints and cutting supplies. That part I wouldn’t change because everyone bringing their own pumpkins cut down on costs tremendously! We also had cupcakes, chips with salsa and apple slices with caramel dip. 

Easy peasy!

Landon and his friends set up outside. Most of the boys he invited painted their pumpkins, but he and one other friend chose to carve.



Zoe and her friends sat at the table in the house to carve their pumpkins. They each chose a design out of a book to carve; they were pretty intricate, and they all turned out really cool!



Here are the finished pumpkins:



In case your wondering why Landon’s isn’t done, it’s because he wanted to do one of the templates like the girls did, so I told him I’d help him after the party…which we did. I’ll try to post pictures of them all lit up tomorrow.

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