Sunday, February 20, 2011


My parents came up for a visit today. They had to come up here because they are packing up their old house this week and having all of their stuff delivered to their new home in South Carolina on Friday. They got here this morning around 9:30 and stayed until about 5, so it wasn’t a long visit, but it sure was nice to see them.

Since I’m still trying to recover from Friday’s surgery we couldn’t really do much and we ended up just sitting around here playing board games ( Scribblish and Apples to Apples) and talking. I didn’t get to take many pictures either, mostly because I just wasn’t feeling up to most of the day. Dad and the kids also played a few rounds of Just Dance 2, and I got some on video tape…but that’ll have to wait until tomorrow when I have time to transfer it to the computer.

I did grab the camera long enough to get a few pictures of Mom feeding Harper his bananas though. I wish I’d have grabbed the camera when she was trying to feed him a donut though because those would have probably been some funny pictures! If you ever have a baby around my mom, there’s just no telling what she’ll try to feed him/her!

Anyhow, here’s a couple photo’s of Harper and his Meme:




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