Sunday, February 13, 2011



Yesterday afternoon we made a run out to Target so that Landon could choose his Valentine’s cards but somehow we ended up in the toy aisle…which is never a good thing. We ended up picking up a new board game to try. I’m not sure if we are board game lovers or collectors but either way, we had to get it home and try it out.


Basically, there are tons of different dice and playing cards that tell you what to do with them. As you move around the board you draw cards based on the color you land on, like blue is Actionland, and you may draw a card that tells you to roll the colored die, then draw what is on the card next to that color. Make sense? Or, you could land in the yellow zone, which is Thinkingtown where you’ll have to answer a trivia question in order to move ahead.


The game ended up taking about an hour or so, and Landon had a few meltdowns when he didn’t know the answers to the questions…which told us it was time to put it up for the night. It ended up being pretty fun for being an impulse buy, and I think we’ll probably play it again soon.


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