Friday, April 8, 2011

Plum Pretty

I feel some sort of weird obligation to take pictures of the tree out front. I think it’s because when we lived at our old house, I would go out and take pictures of the tree in our front yard because it was just so incredibly beautiful. I wish we could have dug up that tree and planted it here in our yard…but, Tony just would go out there and dig it up. I’m still not sure why. 


But, lucky for us, this house came with it’s own tree. It’s a plum tree, and while totally different from the one at the old house, it too is quite beautiful in bloom.


The little pink blooms are slowly dropping and the plum color leaves are becoming more visible now. I wish the weather would take notice and warm up already! (This 80 degree’s one day and 45 the next is a pain to deal with. Dressing for the day is nearly impossible!)


The best thing about the plum tree is that it doesn’t give off the awful odor that the Bradford pears do. If  you look in the background of the above picture, you can kind of see a tree with white blooms on it…that’s a Bradford pear and while it may look pretty, I can assure you it stinks to high heaven in the spring!

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Diana Joy said...

I'm staring at my plum flowering tree right now that is in my back yard...the grass looks like pink snow has fallen.......never heart of the Bradford pear tree but if it stinks...not thanks. Happy weekend.

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