Monday, May 2, 2011

Harper’s First Haircut

Well, I finally did it. I finally brought Harper in to get a haircut. It was hard, but I knew it needed to be done when I could no longer see his eyes. Or his nose.


I took him to the Hair Cuttery and we were taken back immediately. At only 8 months old, he’s just too little to sit in a seat by himself, so I brought Zoe along to hold on to him so that I could take pictures. She was a great sport about it even when he fidgeted the entire time.


The stylist asked me what I wanted done, but I really didn’t have any idea. All I knew was I wanted to be able to see that sweet little baby face and I definitely wanted to get rid of the long hair in the back. (The back was getting really scraggly and just not so cute anymore.)


So, she told me she would just give him a “typical” little boy haircut. Short on the sides and back, a little length on top. It sounded good to me, so I gave her the go ahead…and she went.


And went…


And went…and then Harper had had enough.


So, I went and found him a blue lollipop.


She was able to finish once he had that lollipop in his mouth, but he was drooling blue crap everywhere!

As much as I hated getting his haircut, I just love how he looks with it short. He looks a lot like Landon did at this age and I love that you can see those big beautiful eyes. Cutting his hair did make me sad though because it’s just another step in the whole growing up department, and I feel like it’s all just going so quickly. Ever since I got his hair cut I’ve been holding him a little extra and rocking him to sleep just a tad longer. Just trying to hold on to these baby days as long as possible.

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