Friday, July 22, 2011

3 Days Old {Layout}


There’s just something special about newborn clothes.It’s just so darned tiny and some of the designs are just precious. I love shopping for infant clothes, and chances are if I’m invited to your baby shower, I’m bringing some kind of outfit.

Shopping for Harpers newborn wardrobe was probably one of my very favorite things to shop for. Buying furniture is nice too, but the clothes I could just go crazy on. When Harper was three days old, I decided it was time to get him into some of his sweet little outfits for a photo shoot, however, I didn’t realize how much work it was going to be to change him into outfit after outfit, so the “photo shoot” didn’t last long! I think I may have only changed him three times and by the third change of clothes, he was falling asleep!

The outfit he’s wearing above was one that I thought looked just adorable on him, and even though it was newborn size, it was quite large on him. It didn’t swallow him up, but it was very roomy, especially the pants.


Carmen O. said...

What a sweet layout, Angela! I just love the colors and the banner is adorable as is Harper.

PS I love baby clothes too and go overboard shopping for a baby shower.

Amanda said...

Adorable! I love the flag accents.

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