Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drinking It All In

With the temperatures dropping down into the 50’s at night and the chilly mornings we’ve been experiencing, I decided that Harper and I better be sure to enjoy these last few weeks of warm weather. This week has been really mild, temperature wise, with high’s being in the low to mid 80’s. Yesterday after Harper got up from his nap, I pulled out his water mat so we could play outside.


He sat there long enough for me to get about 3 pictures because there was something else that caught his attention.


Before we went outside I made sure to fill up his cup and a water bottle for myself and once he saw that big old water bottle, he just had to have it.


It didn’t matter that the bottle was nearly too heavy for him to hold, or that it nearly froze his little tummy and hands off…


He drank almost all of that water, and when he was done, he went back to play with his water mat for a bit…and then he went into the garage and slapped the freezer door so that I would get him a popsicle.

That little boy knows exactly what he wants, and does whatever it takes to get it. Man am I in trouble!

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