Friday, October 21, 2011

Five on Friday

We visited a local farm today, so today’s 5 will be all about the animals.

1) The first stop on our farm visit was to pet the cows. The kids had the opportunity to milk one of them, but both Landon and Zoe declined. They’ve both done it in the past so I didn’t ask them to again today. Harper loved petting the cows though and wasn’t afraid of them one bit. As cute as the baby calf is in the picture below, I watched him butt a little kid right onto his butt only moments before. The kid kinda deserved it because he was being bratty, loud and kicking at the calves. (The kid wasn’t hurt at all, but his momma was not happy and quickly pulled him out of the pen.)


2) This is Rocky. He’s a big ass steer and he’s 14 years old. He’s always been at the farm and even though we see him almost every year, we are still amazed at how big he is. The guy who worked with Rocky was using a small plastic rake to scratch Rocky’s belly and neck…it was interesting.


3) We found a spot where there were some baby animals for the kids to pet and hold and Zoe got to hold one of the bunny’s. They were only a few weeks old, and very sweet.


4) Landon was given a guinea pig to hold and I’m pretty sure he fell in love with it. I might have even loved it for a minute or two.


5) Harpers absolute favorite part of the day was feeding the goats. He just loved letting them nibble the feed right out of his hand and he had the biggest smile on his face. At one point he giggled and then turned to me and made the sign for more…and we quickly got him more food for the goats. He could have fed them all day long I think!


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