Saturday, November 5, 2011

Diaper on His Head

Harper LOVES to look at books. He will sit and look at them alone for quite awhile, but at some point each day he will bring me a book so that we can look at it together. Whenever he comes to me with a book, I drop what I’m doing and sit and read it to him. We’ve read books on the kitchen floor while breakfast waited. We’ve read books in the hallway, right in everyone’s way. We’ve read books in the library, in the living room and at the dining room table. We take books to the store to read in the cart while we shop and in the car he will  look at the book while I recite it word for word to him from the front seat.

Baby Signs

One of his current favorites is the book above. He loves to look at the pictures while I tell him what the baby is signing. While he likes the whole book, his favorite page is the one with the sign for diaper. It looks like this:


The other morning we were talking about this page and I asked him if he could put a diaper on his head like this baby did. He immediately got up and went to the table where we keep his diapers, pulled one out, opened it and put it on his head! I couldn’t believe it so I asked him to do it again and I grabbed my camera:


Getting this picture just made my day! It’s so him right now, copying everything he sees!

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