Friday, November 18, 2011

15 Month Well Baby

Harper had his 15 month well baby check-up this past week. From the moment the nurse walked in until we were packing up to leave, he cried. He doesn’t like them touching him and examining him, and the shots are never fun. Fortunately he only had to get three shots this time; one was the seasonal flu shot. Unfortunately, I have to bring him back next month for the second flu shot since it’s his first time getting it. Poor guy.

He only gained 6 ounces since his last appointment and he now weighs 24 pounds, 9 ounces. He’s also 33 inches tall which is 2 inches taller than 3 months ago. I couldn’t believe he’d gained so little weight, but the doctor assured me that it is normal for toddlers this age, mostly because they never stop moving! It’s very true in Harpers case that he never, ever sits still. Unless, of course, he’s buckled into his car seat/highchair/stroller etc. It looks like the little dude is growing as expected and doing just fine. Another thing I can be thankful for this month! :)

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