Tuesday, November 15, 2011

5th Grade Conference

Tony and I went in to Landon’s school today to meet with his teacher. His school does parent-teacher conferences around Thanksgiving break, so we always look forward to seeing how he’s doing in class.

Luckily, Landon is a great kid and his teacher had nothing but nice things to say about him. She said he was a great student, very respectful, and was doing well in general. She said he was reading at grade level and performing well in math also. She believes he will be placed in advanced classes in middle school and that he would probably benefit from the AVID program. I can’t think of any better compliments than the one’s she paid Landon. I’m always happy to hear that my kids are doing well as students, but I’m even prouder of the fact that she called him respectful. That’s something he learned at home, something that I contributed to in making him the awesome kid he is. Being the smartest kid is great, but sometimes being the most respectful kid is pretty great too.

As we were talking, somehow Zoe’s name came up. Mrs. Bell, Landon’s teacher this year, was Zoe’s teacher for fourth grade. Mrs. Bell asked us about Zoe and said she remembered her well. She also said she just couldn’t believe it was so long ago that she taught Zoe, being that she was a senior in high school this year. I told her I couldn’t believe it either and that really it hadn’t been all that long ago…but, I guess it really has been quite awhile! I love that both my kids went to the same elementary school and had the same positive experiences there. I love that they can talk about which teachers they had and liked and other’s that they didn’t care for so much. It’s cool that even though they didn’t attend the same school at the same time, it’s still something they can bond over, and when your kids are as far apart in age as mine are, bonding experiences can be tough.

I realized tonight that that was my last parent teacher conference for elementary school. Not ever of course, since I still have Harper to put in school, but the last one for Landon. It’s another sentimental milestone of sorts because once your kids move out of elementary school, things change. Middle school is just a whole different beast, and connecting with teachers and staff at that grade level is much tougher. I’m looking forward to the adventure of middle school with Landon, but I’ll definitely miss these past 6 years he’s spent in elementary school. 

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